so… this is funny. They said make my blog get some more interest from customers, write some funny(interesting) posts (like condom reviews in retarded syd99) so it can generate visits from potential customers and now it has become more powerful than any other media and then they are scared hell out of this bull shit talking, want me to slow down, Don’t make anyone upset, don’t make any more enemies, well there’s no way to make everyone loves me some will love me some will hate me some just won’t give a fuck about it, it’s just blog why all so serious? Some of you are funny too, I don’t owe yours anything so don’t yours. stop snapping over on me, because I don’t reply to your messages, phone calls, whatsover you request, It’s only one for you but 100 for me. At least some efforts!!! like night adventures, something exciting, Paragliding… I don’t want free meal any more like before, I realised that I’d rather starve than having a free meal with anyone who’s not fun. whoever screenshot what I write, what I say and spread out for fun or make nothing to big problem… please have some balls. live your life not others.

These days I ride bicycle, weight regularly, do mountain climbing… went to BJJ comp for last two weekends but nah I don’t want to do that again.. life is not competition. adrenaline rush after win someone feels great I know but life is more likely mountain climbing. so many obstacles such as, rocks, trees, creek, insects and mother fucking lizards scare fuck out of me EVERY FREAKIN TIME but at the end of the day there’s end. you look back what you made, your achievement and it feels much more greater than you beat someone. no adrenaline but dopamine or maybe I don’t know was it oxytocin? serotonin? ㅋㅋㅋ It’s nothing if you look back but that was real life hazzard at that time. M..m….mm… maybe life is like riding bicycle at night and you have 0% battery left so you don’t know which way you go so you just pedal hard until you see some light. but again at the end of the day, there always will be end. and you can have krispy kreme

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