My first BJJ competition!!! (1)

I started to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu on 7th of February, and decided to compete on 7th of April. Everyone in my gym dissuaded me to do it because

  1. I’m the weakest one in there.
  2. I was only noob, trained only 2 month.
  3. can’t even do armbar properly or never swept anyone when we rolled.
  4. the biggest concern!! there is high percentage of getting injured from competition.

However, I was wondering whether I became stronger, or.. actually wanted to use some skills what I’ve learnt. or I just wanted to challenge on something because life is boring without it.

I had 3 weeks to prepare it, I trained really hard. I used to go 2-3 times a week before, I then went to gym 6 days a week after I told instructor that I’m competing on 30th of April.

I lost my weight as well, I was in 51.5kg devision so I made my self to 50kg. It wasn’t that difficult since I’m on a diet 24/7 anyway. I just trained a lot and drank tons of water.

I strongly believe that I improved a lot, really a lot from the preparatory[breaking-in] period.

you know what… It does really take a lots of effort to writing something in English..I knew it! I thought so!!!!!!! but i thought it’d be easier than essay assignment… but it’s same shit.. am I allowed to write bad words here such as shit, damn, fxxx, shiba etc etc?? I hope so.. because I say a lot in actual life…. I was going to finish in one article but guessing It’s impossible. I have lots of things to do except blog. I am not a professional blogger!!! 😡 I could finish this in 3 articles? so please stay tuned. I’ll be back when I’m back…


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