Start Blogging

My Boss keeps pushing me to do this “blog” because it could potentially generate more interest to new or existing customers.

but I’ve been thinking to my my own anyway since I was little so why not now?

My blog will be filled with the contents of the following :

  • Sex
  • Brazilian Jiu jitsu
  • Golf
  • Pilate
  • Food
  • Shoes (I don’t know why I put this but just saying)
  • Place
  • Music
  • Rock climbing (never done)
  • Hawaii
  • Sydney
  • Australia
  • Korea
  • English

etc… etc etc… topic is unlimited!!!!!!

My English is far from perfect, so it would be appreciated for your feedback. Also, you can ask me anything you want. I am essentially an open book !

P.S. attacking me is NOT ALLOWED. This is my blog. ㅋㅋㅋ


Grammar is (partly) supervised by Simon

6 thoughts on “Start Blogging”

    1. Hi Harry! It might be published at work. Possibly Gladesville.. didn’t know you could also find a blog by location 🤷‍♀️ ㅋㅋ how far is 1.3km? Ryde? Rhodes?

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