Many of you have asked me, Why Brazilian Jiu jiusu not Taekwondo? yeah yeah Because I’m Korean and I’m disqualified as Korean citizen unless I am blackbelt in Taekwondo….

I wrote some reasons that Why I am into BJJ so much recently, have a look… just for fun.

One of my girl tried to convince me like “Hey 언니, I’ve been learning BJJ recently and It’s super fun. you wanna join? There are heaps of hot guys too!” Hence I joined very that day. Seriously ㅋㅋㅋ what could more stimulate me other than hot guys? ㅋThere were actually some hotties❤️ and whenever I could touch, stare their upper body accidentally, I was like .. 😳😳😳. Besides, I could have a chance to spar with them… We literally cuddle (in different way though) in public ❤️❤️ I sometimes touch their huge biceps, sharp abs (not on purpose, it’s needed when you roll OK) and it felt great… 😊 not many guys come to learn BJJ for losing weight purpose. Because It may not very effective compare to other sports. They do this for fun. (and also they already doing some other sports this and that) Some drink Alcohol for fun, Some smoke weed but this guys do BJJ for fun.. How healthy mind?!!!?! That’s what I’ve been looking for in my entire life!.. …. .. I’d better stop admiring them here though. ***I don’t do BJJ on getting husband purpose***

Life is tough, at least for me. I’m still suffering from poverty sometimes, still thinking about ex even though he dumped me a year ago. My room and toilet need to be cleaned as well as my Car. Tons of unpaid bills, fines, there’re boss’ 3 missed call on my phone, yet, you forget all these things once you face to the moment that you are getting smashed like ugly potato. The opponent, (could be hot guy though) will try to choke you, arm bar you, kimura you to win. Your brain, hence, will be overloaded by the thoughts that you’ve learnt in Gym. Such as armbar/triangle choke counter, spider/inverted guard pass… (you can youtube those! it’s useful) There’s no even single second to think about your life struggles.. and after all you then are dopey as well because 1 decent rolling (sparring) burns approximately … …

(well I read some article that shows exact number but I can’t find it now. I found this table instead though,)


I, drink tones of water, zoned out for a while, and literally I can’t, am not able to think about my messy room, Girl’s wage $8000 that I’ve just lost, bills and works, et cetera… I am just too wasted.. Many of my friends, include my ex, told me that I often, worry(or think) too much unnecessarily. We call it “기우” but I don’t think there’s such English terms for this. (woo-hoo! there’s Chinese, though)


 It’s just one of my weakness, but then I’m OK when I do BJJ.

2 more reasons are coming soon! I’m just too lazy at this moment. Happy Sunday!

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