That’s NO-NO

that's nonoI have been dating numerous random guys these days. It’s not because I am lonely or boring, because I.. I just have so many chances, and I thought “why not, If it’s harmless.”

I think the more I date, the more I’m choosier. 🙁 No one is perfect, though.. my mood swings are like crazy, I’m spontaneous, unorganised. I cry like whale so make people very scared when I’m crying. Even though I, apparently,  seem cool, open minded, attentive to others, easy going.. I judge people so easy and so quick by their appearance, way they talk, etc.

I met a large number of guys in short period… every single session was even very intimate as well. I think you become very frank when you are naked. I mean, you could still lie about your job, your name. However, I believe your behaviour, attitude come to the front in very instinctive/unaffected way.

(I don’t know which one is better uses so I put both instead 🙁 hope you’re following me so far.추상적인 개념은 정말 영어로 설명하기 너무 힘들어요.)

I believe that I’m quicker than others to catch someone’s tendency from way they talk, way they react.. Maybe, I’m too judgemental, still, even if I try hard not to :/

but you don’t judge meㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway, In this article I’ll talk about the guys I’ve met, exclude my exs because once I was their girl friend. I will only talk about the guys who I was interested in but I eventually let them go, because of certain things that I can’t just put up with. ㅋㅋㅋ

1. The rugby

He was hot. Apparently he was hot guy. Tanned skin unlikely Korean, good body since he plays Rugby, golf, swim and so on. You will probably fall in love at first sight if you see him. He was very confident about his everything because he actually has everything. Good family, well educated, and He also said he’s too good on bed. ㅋㅋㅋ My expectation was so so high because every time I mer him he was like “I killed another one last night” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ finally I could have a chance to have sex!!! WTF seriously…  how come he could believe himself is good in bed,,,, -.- He might have been living in a bubble like me so long time 🙁

2. The divorced

I can describe this guy “is fun” in a good way “is rude” in other way. Girls like humorous guy as you know, I mean you don’t have to be a comedian but as long as you can make her laugh that’s a good sign.. Every single word he spoke made me laugh, at first though, He once said I’m not good enough, (don’t know whether it’s about personality or appearance) so I need to date him. LOL

I, personally don’t mind divorced guy since My parents got divorced when I was little, and there’s less chance that I have to make a baby, so actually I’m OK but he said that I’m such an imperfection so better look for divorced one or guy who has a problem. I don’t know it was just joke or He was being serious but in both case he’s out.. if it was joke, he gone too far… if it was serious, his low self esteem would make me sick any time in a future.

3.The “Sorry”

I don’t know what makes him so small in front of me but He always said sorry to me. and it irritated me AF.. you could think what’s wrong with Sorry maybe he’s being polite but I’ll give you some example.

“Hey C sorry if i message you too much, …..” or “Hey sorry C can I call you for a while?” or “Hey C sorry about last night …..” (nothing happened last night I just fell asleep while we were messaging each other) and I was like ahhhhhhhh why you can’t just call meeeeeee without permission whyyyyy you need to ask me everytimeeeeeeee do you think it’s also because guy’s low self esteem? or maybe I just don’t like when guy acts like pussy.

4. The dirty mind

A guy who wanted to meet at only late night LOL

5. The Never count your chickens

This guy, thought that I liked him so much. I liked him as a friend, or maybe slightly more than normal friend to be honest. He said He’s going somewhere I really like too. I was like “oh.. I wish I could come there!” and He turns to like “it’s family, friends thing so I can’t bring you there” WTF I was just saying.. literally just saying. Didn’t really even want to join that because I don’t like meet new people, seriously! and He was also like “you know I don’t want to lie to my family and friends that how we met, who you are..” wait..excuse me, so do I…

Who on the earth would be happy to listen that bullshit LOL I was like oh;; yeah;; and he keeps talking to me like nothing happened, I turned to be cold and I think he still doesn’t know the reason ㅋㅋㅋ

6. The bullet dick

A guy has a bullet dick.. It’s not about personality but just dick shape.. As I mentioned in Syd99, I.. I just don’t like bullet dick shape.. because it gives me less feeling..
The head of dicks(the ridge) gave a nice sensation because of friction in the vagina.
It’s sad now I’m old enough, sex has become one of important factor when I see guys… I wasn’t like that when I was younger. ㅋㅋㅋ
AAHHHHHHH I finally finished it! It took 2 weeks.. sorry, but hope you guys had fun while you were reading… I don’t blame or hate them so much, they are just not my type like your ex, or your ex crush 🙂

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      1. That’s a reasonable height for a girl . But it’s hard to judge a person unless you start living with them . That’s when you see their true colours .

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