Life seems ok

Few days ago I posted new thread on Syd99. Link

I was wondering if it’s still OK to start Escort business because it seems already so packed in Sydney. CBD of course, Parramatta, Strathfield, Rhodes, even in Campsie and Telopea (which I’ve never been in my life lol).

So many people encouraged me via reply, PM and all of them were so serious and sincerely wanted to help me to do it. For a few days I was busy at replying them and saying thank you, but Actually, I have no plan to do my own business yet. Firstly I have such a high standard, I don’t want to ruin my Fame(ㅋㅋㅋ)  from girls I work with. I might ask Sue, Victoria and Mona (my top 3 girls ❤️) to work with me but still.. I’m happy to work with my team right now. I always tell to my staffs that I never want to be big boss because being boss requires too much responsibility, yeah.. maybe I’m such irresponsible person still, or just don’t want to work hard. hehe… I’m happy to work and get paid so far.

But anyway, was really really really really really happy because even I was one of many WLs in Sydney once but now many of my ex-clients, and new clients that I’ve met after I quit, trust me as a honest, naughty and cheeky Korean girl who knows well about this industry.. that’s good.. being professional in specific category (for me it seems sex ㅋ) is really good…!!

I always make a joke like “I could write a book with this story!” and it has became what’s happening now…~~~~~~~~

well I.. I don’t know why I started write this even though I have tremendous amount of pending postsㅋㅋㅋ but I’m giving 0 damn because it’s my blog ❤️

In summary, life seems alright and I’m happy.

(can’t believe how I wrote 3000 words essays so many times before, fml )

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