Got regular check-up 4 days ago(24/05/17), and 2 days later(26/05/17)my car stopped working. Simon looked up what’s wrong and there was serious oil leaking under the car, near engine. We thought mechanic put wrong oil in wrong tank, or fill up too much of oil in it, (whatever it was, like, break fluid, intercooler fluid etc). Otherwise what could cause oil leaking since it never happened until I got regular checked up from him 😞.. if it was not his fault, (but I strongly believe that it’s his fault) still, he should’ve found something is wrong when He had checked my car. This guy is even blaming me now. 😩 Guess this is the “cons” of being single 😠 People will try to take advantage from me, once they think I don’t know anything about it. I chose this mechanic guy because i thought this guy treat me like lil-sister, (He never was my client) so I told him that I don’t know anything about car so please take care of it. and see, now he’s trying to bitch me. well, I’m very judgemental and my judgement accuracy is most likely 50%. LOL

Having-no-car sucks, you can’t do pretty much anything especially if you’re living in Silverwater. You may visit Krispy Kreme… because it’s your favourite place to work but that’s it. guess I’m cleaning my place today.. haven’t had vacuum since I moved in here. winter cleaning~_~

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  1. Harry Callahan 28/05/2017

    99% chance he didn’t tighten the drain plug properly after an oil change or messed up leaving an old oil filter gasket on.

    Finding a good mechanic is tough, I’ve been ripped off a few times :/

    AutoCare Silverwater are meant to be decent 😮

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