My first toy 😳

Story begins the time when I and my friend visited Honey Birdette @Chatswood, last month. We meant to just have a look those sexy lingeries, and yes… decided to get the very first toy in my life!!!!!!!

Girl(female) friend lingeries gift recommendation : Agent provocateur Honey birdette (**I don’t get paid from them**)

I never understood someone who has a toy, because

1. I thought I’m having sex more than enough.,

2. I thought these things never cool, it looks gross most of the time,.


then now,.. I don’t work, I don’t have a boy friend either (reason why i’m getting 1) and damn those toys look great… (2)

Staff @HB Chatswood was great, she was funny, informative, and good seller….. ❤️

HW5A4474   HW5A4346-Edit   HW5A4376

I’m getting first one, it’s called dee-dee, product details and video you can see here.


I’d like review it,(guess it’d be Thursday) and I’m willing to purchase venus(second one) as well if I’m ok with dee-dee first..

I’m intrigued!!!

(**I don’t get paid from Honey birdette ㅋㅋㅋ**)


Added on 30th May 2017 : Simon promised to get me a Venus on Thursday 😀 yoo hoo!

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