Month: May 2017


First of all, I’d say it’s good forum. The shop owner pays money every 3months and they are allowed put ads on. People can read any threads without Joining fee, even though Sign-up and few things are required if you want to write something on. There were many controversial thread likely other forums, I know that’s why […]

Life seems ok

Few days ago I posted new thread on Syd99. Link I was wondering if it’s still OK to start Escort business because it seems already so packed in Sydney. CBD of course, Parramatta, Strathfield, Rhodes, even in Campsie and Telopea (which I’ve never been in my life lol). So many people encouraged me via reply, PM […]

My apologies 

Sorry guys just came back home, checked how many people still come and check my blog and feel really bad because I said i’ll post it and I didn’t. Lol been busy busy (don’t know why) whole this week! But I promise, tomorrow after golf lesson I’ll write all of those things and make your […]

That’s NO-NO

I have been dating numerous random guys these days. It’s not because I am lonely or boring, because I.. I just have so many chances, and I thought “why not, If it’s harmless.” I think the more I date, the more I’m choosier. 🙁 No one is perfect, though.. my mood swings are like crazy, I’m […]


Many of you have asked me, Why Brazilian Jiu jiusu not Taekwondo? yeah yeah Because I’m Korean and I’m disqualified as Korean citizen unless I am blackbelt in Taekwondo…. I wrote some reasons that Why I am into BJJ so much recently, have a look… just for fun. One of my girl tried to convince […]