What if you don’t remember what you were writing about??….

Sorry I’ve been messy from my bday week, guess I was going to say (or wanted to say)

1. Minor daddy issue + My previous career = became major issue
2. My exs intensified my issues, but then I met all my recent exs at work so it was work at first,;;l?

I don’t know.. really.. have no clue about it. It seems like I started everything and never even finished one. the fuck blog the fuck snapchat

guess I’m changing title then… wtf is correlation seriously

6 thoughts on “(3)”

  1. You’re doing really well with the blog. You started it and you are still doing it. It’s very entertaining I can tell you. : – ) Meeting all your ex’s at work explains why they are ex’s I think. btw I’m sure you aren’t serious about getting that “I hate ___” ink done on your thigh. Put it on your mirror instead, you can look at it all the time until you are sick of it, and it is a lot easier to remove!

    1. HAHA yes! I got peach on my neck instead of “I hate tony” I love my new one 😀 thanks always cheering me up :/ have nothing to say I’m like lazy AF… tell me fat pig :T btw, I’m listening “slow hands” like 100 times now. love this song~_~

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