This week summary and weekend plan

It’s Thursday! And Funday Friday tomorrow yaaaayyyaaaayayyyyyayayaaa

  1. Having serious toothache but still don’t want to see dentist!!! I’m brave most of the time but not with dentist.. put me under general anesthetic or I’m not going! 😑
  2. So I got prescription for strong painkiller, few days I took it before I sleep and it felt great… like mellowy..😌 I didn’t take it last night and couldn’t sleep until like 4am. Fml
  3. Had sex with ex

  1. Training hard on weekend! I am competing on 24th 😊 so excited
  2. Grr I’ll try to finish at least one post here. So many unfinished ones and I don’t like it
  3. Work stress is killing me slowly. but I love my boss ❀️❀️❀️ (in case she/he is reading this)

3 thoughts on “This week summary and weekend plan”

  1. Which tooth is giving you problems? Is it a molar? Do you know why it is aching – is there a hole in it you can feel with your tongue?
    You can’t put off getting your tooth fixed, it will only get worse. A toothache is a really bad type of pain! I get needles when I go to the dentist, you just feel a prick as it goes in and I try not to think about it. The drill doesn’t feel too good either, but it is uncomfortable and not painful.It isn;t a general anaesthetic they give you, it is some kind of relaxant. Once you are relaxed, then they put the needle in, but you are too zonked to notice it. I reckon getting put under is much more scarey than getting a small prick with a needle!
    Did your ex at least take you out to dinner beforehand?

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