White belt struggles

I didn’t even finish 2 posts yet in this category


but I want to write something new instead hehe… promise I’ll finish those sooner or later one day…

Today is very monumental day because I CRIED LIKE WHALE @bjj class because

  1. My ego was killed
  2. I am nervous AF
  3. Annoyed to myself

I cried once before because I didn’t tap quick when I was trapped in armbar, it was a week before my first competition, and my elbow was a bit fucked. It wasn’t that bad injury but I was so sad because I was worried that I may not able to do 100% when I compete due to my elbow uncomfyness.. 🙁 was more likely upset at the girl who armbar-ed me. it’s also my bad not to tap quick though,

Today was good session, instructor taught us well enough, half guard to back mount etc etc.. spar time came, I was like smashed like me @my first competition 3 times in a row.

I didn’t announce here that I’m going to compete on this Saturday again, though, yes I am.. and I thought that I, definitely got better after first competition and few weeks more of training. Was it 8th of May? so it’s almost 2 month and I thought I got better 🙁 🙁 🙁


you know what?? I.. I think I have a problem LOL I start, and never finish

10 Struggles Of The New Jiu Jitsu White Belt

I was reading this and I don’t want to write more because

  1. Need shower asap I smell bad
  2. I need some sleep, I’m like tired ALL THE TIME I don’t know why. am I pregnant? who’s father tho
  3. Just lazy I just want to have hot shower, get rid of muscle pain and sleep like koala

I know I always say that I’ll finish it this weekend and I’ve never done, but yeah… as I said I’ll finish it sooner or later… it’s free to read so… good night❤️


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