fuck you period fuck you hormone

I’ve been always saying to myself  “I won’t live like my mom” but guess I am, living like my mom these days.

She was contemporary dance instructor in a big fitness club until I was like.. 13~14 years old, I recall I got free swim, aerobic classes because I was her daughter. ㅋㅋㅋthanks for that I’m still good at swimming.. yeah I did tae-kwan-do too but don’t remember anything about it.  She was always around people and seemed she enjoys her social life. I wasn’t happy because I was the only one who stays at home until late night. Remember She was dating with swimming class instructor, She brought me here and there with him -_-.. I was happy (because I had fun time with them eventually LOL) but guess this isn’t that good memory now. Yes, She was living with my dad that time, and She got divorce because of the other guy but not this instructor guy.

She looked relatively young, pretty, and healthy since she did massive amount of exercise due to her job, She likes to groom herself, so then I was the ugly duckling who doesn’t look alike her mom even 1%. Little me was like “being healthy and pretty isn’t cool, too many boyfriend, life seems too busy, too much lies, I’d rather be an artist or whatever because it looks heaps cooler and honest at least.” 

but look at me now, recently I was thinking that maybe, in a future, I open my own small pilates studio so I can exercise myself with group of people because … imagine it, it sounds fun.. -.,- and what about guys? because I was WL and still I am working at brothel, more guys around me than girls. I enjoy spend time with them no matter it’s free-meal purpose, sex, or just companionship or maybe date. 🙁 so many guys around me and I like it 🙁

I don’t know 🙁 I’m having my period now and it’s even raining. 🙁

2 thoughts on “fuck you period fuck you hormone”

  1. 잘 읽엇어여~~~ 희한하게 자꾸 들리게되넹 ㅋㅋ 새글 언제 올라오냐하믄서. 😂😂 잘자요잉

  2. 잘 읽엇어여~~~ 희한하게 자꾸 들리게되넹 ㅋㅋ 새글 언제 올라오냐하믄서. 😂😂 잘자요잉

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