Month: July 2017

N5M, the grave of receptionists

No one ever dreamt their future career as a receptionist at brothel. Even though I’ve seen few times Pimp as a guy’s life goal, ㅋㅋㅋ Why? some want to be a ballerina, some want to be a doctor and maybe some want to be a teacher but why not receptionist? There’s a course for being […]

Sorry thank you compilation

Because ex said I’m too clingy and prying, it’s really horrifying to ask someone as like “what are you up to?” Or “what you gonna do after?” … Why everyone realizes so late? If we are sorry about something, or thankful about something. shouldn’t we just tell straightly to that person? Why 밀땅 is exist […]

After report – vitamin final

I think i better finish this asap so i can write more about something else. -_- the downstair cafe of my unit makes the best coffee in the world. I don’t know much about coffee but seems, very good!!!! He even measures amount of ground-grind-grind coffee beans and once it makes some left over, He […]

How to motivate yourself when you are poor as fuck

It’s funny because I didn’t buy any ciggy this week and I didn’t save up any money at last. LOL I can’t book pilates $90/hour session, that doesn’t mean I can be lazy like last week. I didn’t go BJJ 2days, (only went to Monday 😞) had so much fun at eating… sweeting…sexing… will give a […]

After report – vitamin (2)

Good morning! I am having chestnut in my bed. He’s next to me and we’re naked. He’s watching video clips and I’m watching he’s watching video LOL thinking what I’d write about here. ❤️Sunday morning❤️ my favourite time of all time!! world is quiet and it’s day of do-nothing. Fun activities should be done on […]