guess yoga isn’t the best exercise for me

I was trying to be more flexible so I did try it but firstly, it’s not too active. I sweat a bit but not like barre yoga or BJJ. Barre yoga was fun! it never gave me a break for whole session, which is 45mins, and it kills my glutes like crazy. no one wants saggy ass.. right? and the aerial yoga bitched to me like… I drove 40mins to bondi, there was no car park, took more than like 20mins to find it, oh yeah I paid toll as well LOL 🙃 it’s fun because it’s new but not worth to take my time and money like that much… for 45mins session I spent like 2 hours in a road. … and I hate when there’s no car park. actually who likes that.

New receptionist in M5, he studied sports massage things in uni, (guess his major was like physical blah blah science) so he knows well about body. He also was personal trainer once, taught how to weight, stretch muscle etc… I was so sick on Monday and He gave me some relaxation massage, foot and shoulder! It was sooo sooo good. what I’m saying is .. I better learn from him how to stretch not from yoga class. I also have a 1:1 pilates lessons so it helps more my flexibility as well!!! the worst part of yoga is, (some people think this is the best part but) they force me to be calm and relax. that kills my mood… I.. I literally can’t.. can’t relax… hehe… whereas pilates never says relax or calm. More likely “control” which i think cool.. 😎 maybe the ratio of male:female is like 1:9, that’s the reason I don’t like it. sucks when class is full of female, unlikely Jiu jitsu. well Barre yoga is like 100% women class but it’s still fun.

anyway, realised I haven’t finished my … the first BJJ article yet. 🔥why. I. like. BJJ🔥LOL

There must be some more reasons and today, when I finished BJJ and I was on the way back to my place. I was like, mmm it’s fun maybe because it’s intense.. I can’t even hold steering wheel well because my arms/hands are shaking, yoga, pilates, any other exercise I tried, they never pushed me to the edgy of my limit. They always say that “drop your knee down if you think it’s too hard” or “if it’s too difficult for you, you can put the blocks under your hip” etc… even my pilates instructor always say “you should, must let me know if it’s too painful ok?” and I’m like put it up, put it up, and at last make noise subtle, like “ehhhhhhh,,,, ” and he’s like “ok, enough”


so then BBJ is like “NO MERCY” ㅋㅋㅋ if you don’t try your best, you’re gonna be a looser. I am… anyway.., though..ㅋ well if I have 20 spars I only win 1. or 0 ㅋㅋ but for that 1 win, I don’t know I try my best always, unlikely usual me like “yeah fuck it I give up” ㅋㅋㅋ bjj gives me so much joy of winning ㅠ.ㅠ….

I never fought with someone. in my life. I had some minor argues, maybe argue with my EXs, but whenever I didn’t like someone, or something, I just ignored them, let them go, never talked to them any more, never knew this big joy of… winning… never knew.

anyway!!!!!! The last post I put my BJJ comp video on it. even though I look shit and I was being smashed, but yeah wanted to share with yours. thanks for the someone, who said found my profile ㅋㅋㅋ I deleted it. hehe … why tho… why…

I mean, you could look for my profile. you may look up facebook, instagram, you could find me so easy but so what’s after. are you going to tell my friends and my family? that once I was working lady?? but I don’t do anymore?? well.. what’s your aim :0 I just wanted to ask so bad. you think my mum will be like

“oh I never expected my daughter be like working girl. I want to cry and will kill my daughter and kill myself too.”

maybe.. maybe that’s what he/she wants. if he/she’s psychopath.

maybe not, just say whatever because you are just bored. but yeah… in case. in case that’s what he/she wants,

I don’t want to see my mom cries again because of me, and I WROTE HERE THAT I DONT LIKE MY MOM. ok, I don’t want her to read this either. so please, please please please, I beg, If you look for my profile, find out my Korean name, my age, what I did in the past, my every little single private things that you might interest,. please please please, don’t show off here and there. you can laugh at me but not my family and my friends. I beg to you.. yeah? yours promise me then I can keep writing here 🙂 and the forum.

Many of you already warned me that I open myself too much on public. So I’m just saying(writing) even though I don’t think many people are ruthless nomercy psychopath. I know you guys read this for fun and so do I… I write this for fun and I don’t want to stop it ㅠㅠ

good night….

as usual, I promise! finish some articles as soon as I’ve got some spare time! LOL

yes, last !!!! last one! one guy who works at pho restaurant @Marrickville is interested in me maybe ❤️❤️ O❤️M ❤️G❤️❤️ My boss and I used to eat a lot there and He asked my boss today that why I don’t come there anymore ❤️❤️❤️ so He wrote his number and gave to boss, boss brought to me ❤️❤️ how cute ❤️❤️❤️  ❤️❤️❤️ I was so excited at first ❤️❤️ but didn’t send any message or call him.❤️❤️ YET ❤️❤️ I miss my ex still❤️❤️ fuck my life ❤️❤️

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  1. Whoever has been threatening to out you please don’t crush this rare flower. Chelsea you are a generous person and your blog is wonderful and entertaining. It makes me smile so much. Thank you.

  2. Whoever has been threatening to out you please don’t crush this rare flower. Chelsea you are a generous person and your blog is wonderful and entertaining. It makes me smile so much. Thank you.

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