After report – vitamin final

I think i better finish this asap so i can write more about something else. -_- the downstair cafe of my unit makes the best coffee in the world. I don’t know much about coffee but seems, very good!!!! He even measures amount of ground-grind-grind coffee beans and once it makes some left over, He just throws it away :O HOW COOL IS THAT. guess every cafe supposes to do this but I haven’t seen really.. except here.

back to after report

the guy itself : 9.5/10 non smoker, no alcoholic, exercise regularly, smart and emotionally secured (seems)

actual sex part : 5/10 .. maybe give him +1 because he slaps/chokes well 6/10

would I meet him and fuck again? : probably yes, but I better be qualified before I meet him. but isn’t it like… I’m too proud to do that -_-  getting cert to get DATY? ㅋ

I’ll add up more if I can think of any more. everything needs some time. I was going to write so quick before I go yoga but.. yeah I can’t, literally I can’t ㅋㅋㅋ


If I ever could judge him, I mean analyse him, He’s just too good to be true. have been asked many times why too good to me and he was like “because you deserve the best.” He doesn’t even want to have sex now, asking me If I need money, What the heck is going on here? Who on the earth can explain special theory of relativity while I’m gobbling up 순두부, only for me not to get bored :0? …. :0? :0? :000000000????????????? spends so much times, efforts, and money to me :O and don’t want me to pay back :O :OOOO:OoOOOOO 뭐 장기를 빼가도 아무렴 어때…

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