Month: August 2017

Sad.. after report

Firstly, it’s all my fault because I said “yes”… I shouldn’t have.. right.. if I wasn’t that interested.. If i can make excuse… because vitamin was like this, targakajakakaja was like this, they asked me to out and I had fun. So much fun.. so I thought that maybe this guy would be the same?! […]

Dopamine not vitamin

Life gets bored so quick. Me at work (sorry boss) Maybe because I adapt too quick in any circumstance, maybe because my life is really boring compare to other’s. or maybe.. If I can say whatever I want, It’s because dopamine. Dopamine!!!!! Yes, the chemical from your brain when you have sex, really good sex, […]

After report – Birthday party

Seriously, I need to stop Krispy kreme, not only because diabetes concern, also because I’m broke so quick every time. Can you imagine after this ($7.95) I’m like It’s also because I had to buy a present for 1 year old baby, changed hair colour so many time recently, bought many energy bars etc.. anyway […]