Finally sex


This is.. genuinely funny.. Daft punk clapping gif…

Music is … tremendous… indeed.. I think Calvin Harris deserves to get the Novel prize since many of his songs are just great. Easy flow .. don’t get bored so easy.. etc. Not only music, but painting, performance, installation.. something that inspires you as fuck!!! ART WORKS!!! It’s really awesome because imagine Kim-jong-un want war so bad but He maybe sometimes listen Chopin to calm him down. So Korea is safe right now. I don’t know? maybe.. Like you know the hero in Xmen series, yeah movie series.. there’s a professor who can read people’s mind and sometimes he changes other’s mind too, that’s his gift.. remember? But the other guy wears strong iron helmet so his super power became impotent. That’s not impossible.., I mean.. change people’s mind with super power is possible, super power is creativeness.. Composers, novelist, actress and sometimes Steve jobs have same power as professor X.. I don’t know what I’m saying but to sum up, Please listen this music. It’s a good song.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.26.51 pm.png

Click if you are interested. (I linked youtube)

So.. yes! finally shag. Pftttt…. 2 months no sex and I was about to die, suffered from insomnia, depression, sugar overdose etc etc etc! Luckily I found one who can tolerate me so.. yay! we fucked! I know last time I wrote so much unnecessary comments, so this time I’d let yours know the score first.

The guy himself : 9.5/10 non smoker, no alcohol, high hourly rate(LOL), exercise regularly, humorous, prudent and sweet.

Actual sex part : 8/10 .. -2 because He needs more practice regarding slapping and chocking stuff. I can tell He’s still afraid of hurting me. Well he’s good guy so… oh well -1 more because no BBFS ㅋㅋㅋ

The one thing I really liked about this sex is DFK!!! To be frank I have a trauma of mm.. DFK, Imagine many many guys I needed to kiss, I.. I didn’t like it. Because half of customers had a bad breath, (I can’t complain since I had 6 fucked teeth before I got treatment ㅠ.ㅠ) and the way they kiss is w…wrong, no, no. Maybe some other girls like that style.. I don’t know. . I just didn’t like DFK so I invented the way to avoid DFK, when I worked.

When customer approaches me like this…

I try to open my mouth as BIG as I can, like this

So they can’t kiss me but laugh


I wasn’t that keen on DFK even with my EXs, maybe because I was insecure about my rotten teeth, broken teeth, smoking breath, whatever.. or maybe I am changed somehow with no reason as I’m getting old? You know people don’t eat zucchini because they don’t like it and all of sudden they start to eat. (I didn’t eat zucchini until I was 20 years old and I now fucking regret my wasted 20 years. but I still don’t like egg plant… texture.. is.. weird.) Like this.. so I tried it, well I liked quiet a lot? hehhehe

Well and BBFS, fuck I don’t know why I’m so obsessed about it, Maybe because I feel like I’m working with condom? But wait, doesn’t make any sense because many guys who sleep with non-working girls still wear a condom not only because STI but also contraception, right? Please say yes! :/ It shouldn’t be a big deal, I mean condom or no condom right, I may have manipulated by previous boyfriend because He kept saying that condom is bullshit no condom is the best. Yeah.. was kind of agree because seems like condom makes me less-wet. But it’s not true, apparently. The things you can see clearly and objectively when you wake up from dream..ㅋ when you’re not in love right, I can see how immature we were, my life! (mm kay, I’ll give you back +1, so it’s set. 8/10)

Imagine what if I was pregnant! fml! BBFS is overrated!

Funny part of me trying BBFS was that.. I tried to tangle him with my close guard,

So I can just put it inside

But he succeed to excape

How can girls beat guys? Sagami game strong. Oh yes and DATY.. hehe so I came twice when I’m on top, once from DATY. Happy ending isn’t it? He only came once though,

It’s so easy to cum when I’m on top, I think it’s because it stimulate my clit very well, and when the guy knows how to angle my pelvic, push it down, make it more stable movement then I’m like

giphy (2).gif

giphy (1).gif

giphy (3).gif

Cum 3 times sounds good. Definitely good one, but yesterday’s the best part was

⭐TUMMY RUBBING⭐ omg so good I thought I’m a dog. It’s so relaxing. made me calm, I don’t know how do I express, so cozy,  like home… warm.. like mother’s womb.. like the lecture when it’s spring.. about 2pm, sleepy but not really sleepy, but your eyes are softly slowly closing.. you are melting… you know


I threatened him

“You need to stay here 30mins more after we finish sex”

Because I was worried about me having heart attack, It’s funny He didn’t ask me to fuck I asked him, but I still worry about I’m in panic because the picture of empty bed after sex is really traumatic. REALLY, REALLY… ㅋ I know .. I’m fucked.. right, I shouldn’t ask more to guys because It’s too selfish. so needy, so demanding! But He nailed it. He stayed 30mins more. We had meaningless chat and both were yawning, after he left I fell asleep straight. No anxiety attack, no over-thinking. heheheee


Overall, It was good fuck.


feel like something missing, 933 words


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  1. Snowball 10/09/2017

    Its good to hear that you have finally had a guest in you.

    When he gave you DATY did he lick your asshole? If so then you may of found true love!!

    👅 + (😺/💩) = ❤

  2. Harry Callahan 10/09/2017

    Grats to Jeter.

    Also the dfk part is hilarious, personally I hate sex without dfk. If I’m not dfking during sex my mind starts to wander, I start questioning wtf I’m doing and start thinking about things I need to sort out.

    I think one of my first punts was with a girl who would try and impale me with her tongue, weird.

  3. Dicktaor 12/09/2017

    Sounds like you enjoyed your sex ha!
    If you ever want to be choked, slapped, spat on and spit roasted please let us know we can help you with that 😉

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