AR for Elsa, CBD Bella massage

Today, I was feeling meh, I don’t know why but you know everyone has the day that you just want to provoke someone, pick a fight, be bitch.. etc.. for instance



and I saw Bella’s comment. She seemed bored too.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.46.54 pm.png

I actually didn’t like her because of her excessive xoxo usage. Come on.. who uses xoxo these days? Gossip girl (the TV series, yes) was on 2007, Now it’s era of kthxbai.(because I like it.. heh) xoxo is uncool. and also

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.32.04 pm.png
Reference (you can see the sexual tension between Bella and Catiness, nope, not me.)

I hate asian girl whoever speaks such perfect English. (eg. Babycat) Because I literally can’t! and She called me(excuse me, I am a potential customer) as passive aggressive too, bloody hell.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.40.52 pm.png


She’s very penetrating me


Today Romi asked me to buy some pads, She wants to use an organic pads which made in Australia not Korea. Perhaps because her pussy is precious.

This brand, Romi will be back on 26th, btw

She transferred money for those organic pads and said

“Keep the change.”




So why not treat myself!!!!! It’s time!!! Time to get nice massage and ice cream!!!

I rang them and said

“Heyyy It’s Chrissy, can I come at 7? book me with the best messure!!”

and She recommended Elsa. Elsa? You mean that Elsa..? Oh… mm.. mm kay..

This one right….

and I had a look their roster.

Elsa – Malaysia, 20yr old, trendy south east asian look, 160cm, Double D cup, GFE with excellent relaxing massage techniques.

Double D.. my self esteem was already destroyed.

I read down slowly their whole week’s roster and found

Tiffany – Taiwan, 25yr old, charming eyes with a very instagramable face, C cup, experienced masseur with willing to please attitude.

What? instagramable face? That’s.. that’s fascinating!!!! that’s what I like. I always instagram what I ate.. I wanted to see Tiffany over Elsa. Maybe I can take nude selfie together with Tiffany, but Tiffany works on Saturday .. well too bad I want to treat myself today so I listened to what expert said. Bella said Elsa!!!!!

I think today was the most productive day of my life. I booked 7pm, means that I need to finish my work by 6pm so I can go city, find car park.. oh but I booked, booked car park.. wilson @thomas street. anyway… I had to finish everything before 6pm, I usually work until late, because I procrastinate, and escape from shop some times so I work until late night and work at my place too. But today I finished what I should ON TIME! so productive.. is that why you guys punt? to be productive? I thought after massage I’d be relaxed, shower, and sleep tight.. .. and I was also so excited because it has been a while, my last massage session was…. I .. I don’t even remember.. I don’t normally trust messures in Sydney because It’s hard to find ‘decent’ one. right? masssaaagggeeeeee MASSAGEGEGEGWEWRGWEFEEFEWF


I arrive @Thomas street earlier, because I had to buy a undie. I don’t wear a undie.. no bra no undie is my life. I’m sick when I wear it. I only wear with special occasion. I remember last time I was in LEGIT massage place (I remember my last punt was @straty, there was one in plaza and it was not special.) She asked me to take off everything except undie. I was like

“u…ugh,… what if I don’t wear a undie?”

and She was like (Chinese lady)

So..yeah, I bought one in Bonds.. @market city.. to avoid any more embarrassment. Damn it was +$15


and I bought 3 taro milk tea too. Because I know how it makes your day when you get sweets from customers when you had busy day. +$15 ish


I arrived there, first impression was pretty Bella. Bella is pretty. Yeah Bella you can use xoxo..

fuck I thought Alunghor sits there and greets me and I’m like

fuck I thought Alunghor would be sitting there to greet me and I’m like,

“HA! I knew it!”

but he wasn’t.

… Bella was actually attractive lady. damn!

and I was brought to.. room… I don’t know? I don’t even remember what room I was but it was right next to the girls’ waiting room. Guess there are only 3? 4 rooms, very very very very tiny rooms. Really…..tiny….. I think the whole place is like only half size of room 6 @42 Gladesville. Yes, the room with jacuzzi. It’s tiny place. and the actual working rooms… oh….. I mean massage room is.. like…. same size as toilet @room6@42Gladesville. There is a massage bed only, and can’t even fit 2 girls. Wow.. guys serious? can cum in this claustrophobia-able room? I don’t know.. I personally don’t mind small room but well It was all new to me. I worked at massage place before but their rooms were actually bigger, and better than any other place. Compare to Midas, and M8 this place is tiny, but cozy. Nice lighting too. The problem is you can’t see girls properly. Maybe that’s their strategy. ANYWAY

Bella asked me to take off everything, and I asked her back

“Except my undie right?”

and She goes

“You can take it off if you want”

Fuck it! I’m gonna wear it

Fuck I’m already so tired. I wrote so much (hmm.. it’s only 886 words yet) and I’m still working here @N5M. I thought I don’t need to work more but there is ANOTHER NEW RECEPTIONIST @N5M 😀 Eric is at straty drinking, I’m the one who can help noob.



Elsa.. is… pretty.. girl. I guess she’s definitely in her early 20’s. (Sorry it was dark like hell) She has big round eyes, black shoulder length hair, and yeah… D cup.. She’s pretty.. mm more likely cute.. the only suggestion I could give to her is… she could maybe change her hair style, like colour maybe? or make it to curly? would be nicer.. but no problem if she doesn’t want to, she’s alright. is there any other aspect I could give about appearance? I don’t know, it was too dark anyway.

She doesn’t speak English. that’s no problem. She speaks basic, like OK? or you cold? Attitude is fine too. She’s nice lady. I love her. HOWEVER



hell no..


It made me upset.. if.. if Bella didn’t lie to me.. didn’t fool me… at least being honest and told me her massage place is only for dick…

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.41.29 pm.png
You don’t know what’s normal massage

I wouldn’t waste my $100.. oh yah.. she charged me $65/hour as well. Her homepage said $60.. but that’s ok maybe because She didn’t update her website.. isn’t big deal.. But I was going to tip Elsa at least $10… I spent $15 for milk tea, $15 for undie, I’ve got $70 left.. and paid $65… so I tipped her $5 instead..

Sorry Elsa, really, forgive me being naive. I thought it’s legit place.. but your massage was really horrible.. I mean.. this is the worst massage in my life maybe..  I don’t know.. Can I even finish this post..? ㅜ.ㅜ and goat damn it fuck I didn’t even write what I wore today… the fuck, bring it on caffery you bitch



IMG_2596 2
I didn’t wear a perfume today because I didn’t know I’m getting massage. This is linen water (?) you can spray it to your cloth so you don’t smell like old ash tray
Jacket from Acne
T shirt from I don’t know
Jeans from DG
Hat from Rag & Bone
Boots from Redwing
Ciggy Esse change
Sunscreen from COSRX
Base from Laura mercier
Lips from Benefit
Eyeliner from Tonymoly
Eyebrow from Shu uemura
Contouring from Anastasia beverly hills
Setting powder from Nars
Blusher from Nars
Anti biotics from Aspen phamacare Australia
Bag from Celine
Nail colour N/A
Toe nail colour (Ron) Burgundy. Sorry I’m not toe-fuckyou-ing.

Thus Elsa is nice lady, but not the best massage lady. Yeah it’s funny because I expected real messure from this place, WARNING This. place. is. not. legit. massage. place.

If massage is horrible, at least let me sleep… so I can think I pay $65 for claustrophobia-able room. The music.. was techno-ish, house-ish … I think it’s because to hide their fap-fap sounds. But you know what, I could still hear it.

I.. I really don’t know.. how people really.. really can cum if there’s another fap-fap sounds.. like how..

There’s wall, but not until ceiling. Do you understand, It’s more likely.. ugh… there’s wall, there’s door, but it’s not a proper room. I somehow could listen some words from next room, a girl said

“Because She’s crazy”

and I was like

The music wasn’t relaxing, Massage was horrible, could hear fap-fap sound.. couldn’t it be better? I prayed to my Rosemary God to finish this session earlier but Elsa is nice lady. She doesn’t waste my money. … …….. the worst part of massage was .. oh well.. too many… Firstly She doesn’t know where’s where. Secondly too fast. I mean her hands’ movement is way too fast, It’s going to be mood killer, When I learnt massage M8, the senior messure taught me that.. that’s the whole pointt of massage.. relax your muscle tension right.. but her quick hands made my muscle frightened. Why would you move your hands so quick it’s not part 2 yet, It’s only part 1.. poor my muscle, especially legs.. which handled deadlift last night and also legs press.. I almost shout because it’s too painful even though I like strong massage from guys. She can’t be stronger than guys right… But you know She’s there for fap fap not massage. so I won’t blame Elsa but Bella.

Then It made me sad again, She probably doesn’t want to massage female either, let’s say Bella charges customer $60, pays Elsa $20 maybe.. or a bit more? and Elsa perhaps do jerk- off for $20, if it’s lucky day, some customers would ask her to suck for $50. That’s $100. But She’s apparently the least popular girl amongst Bella’s 4 girls today,

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.45.30 am.png

Erina/Chanel booking essential, Lily is new… Elsa probably didn’t have choice.. Bella would’ve told her off to massage me because it’s better than nothing. Poor Elsa.. She could’ve made more money unless I booked her but your boss told me to have you.. Sorry,…. It’s my bad… I should’ve brought more cash so I could compensate your time.. but nah.. your massage is horrible and your boss lied to me.. so I wouldn’t give you tip anyway.. I still can’t believe I spent $100 for this. The fuck Bella, why you fuckin lie?


Funny we were having chit chat after session, I was like

“You know I have so many friends who like massage than full service.. I’ll tell them about your place.. Elsa is nice girl”

and She was like

G…g….girl friends?

No, don’t worry girl, now I’m talking to my dick friends.

Overall, Bella is pretty mamasan with almost 0 makeup. She’s pretty good. I’d give solid 9.5/10 for her face. I can’t tell about her body because She was sitting there most of the time, and She was fully clothed on. I’m still doubting that internet Bella is same as real Bella. Her spoken English isn’t good as written English. I don’t know how GFE happens when the ML can’t speak any English. Isn’t your GF talk too much sometimes? I don’t know how people still ejaculate when they hear everything outside. I don’t know was Bella even listening when I was talking to her. She asked me if I finished work for today, twice. TWICE. There was one tall girl and She seems very… energetic and talkative. I suppose that’s Chanel. I suppose she’s popular for western customers because She’s not very pretty (generally speaking, no offence) for Asian. You know Asian’s beauty standard, right.. but guess She’s very friendly to customers. That’s her potential!!! but THAT MEANS FUCKING NOISY NEXT DOOR heh… heh….hee..ehhehe… … Elsa is nice lady. Please book her when you want to go Bella’s place. Because I’m sorry. Sorry for being naive, Sorry for trust her boss, Sorry for everything.. It shouldn’t have happened… Please book her but ask her not to massage. Ask for quick jerking off. She’s nice lady. Please treat her well.. Hope She liked taro milk tea though… all the best Bella’s business! ❤️❤️❤️













Visit there if you want to see AL x Bella’s love making. It’s fuckin fucktarded


and the fuck I forgot to calculate parking ticket?

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 3.45.39 pm.png

42 thoughts on “AR for Elsa, CBD Bella massage”

  1. Are you serious you thought it was a legit massage place or taking the piss?

    And was Ahlungour really there?


    1. The fuck I am serious lol because you know they always ask ughh is this legit massage or nahhhh so i was like hey your girls do normal massage? And she goes yeah! The fuck xoxo and alungonorrhea

      1. I still find it funny you thought it was a normal massage.

        How can someone in the industry be so naive haha?

        The bad part is you have probably funded Alungonoreahs next tit fuck as he will be getting a cut of the store profits.

        And why you even paying – you’d be able to get a massage for free quite easily i imagine.


        1. yeah funny part was after I uploaded this, some guys were like “heh.. I could do better than that!(why didn’t you ask me)” WTF

        2. I double checked mother fuckin Alungonoreahs’s Chinese girlfriend that are her girls provide normal massage too and she said yes! the fuck! I now have trust issue.

          1. Maybe you should just auction the underwear you wore there to a reader from here.

            That should be able to cover your costs for the story.

            Surely one of these freaks wouldnt mind buying them for a quick sniff.


  2. Bella wasn’t quite ready for the Chelsea reporting treatment. As Vitamin said, she is “brutally honest.” But she is the same way talking about herself too, so she is consistently honest.

    I’m amazed that after a long working day you have the energy, the mental energy and ideas, to knock out a long after report after midnight. Plus all the gif research. The running dicks, the Oprah quote – ha ha!. And where did you find that amazing hand gif? How did you even think to look for something like that? “Internally screaming” gif. ha ha!

    I laughed at your intermission to discuss your make up products. It was like the ads you get at the cinema. I lost count of the number of times I laughed during this report.

    1. I get inspired by people around me, when I was writing whole review, Tusgarajurika sent me “internally screaming” and I was like OH!!! I’m gonna use it!

  3. Sounded like she tried to cover herself, and also give her worst worker some business LOL.

    1. can’t really laugh about it.. I now understand why people so pissed when they got shit service right, I need to work few hours to make $100 and fuckn Bella fooled me so it’s gone. My money… therefore my time… time .,. that you never can buy.,., but i learnt something from this.,., $100 worth lesson.,., right.,.

  4. Wow… That’s pretty savage..
    If only Bella gave you a massage… She is pretty good…

  5. you were not picked on because you are a girl. I went to try Erina. Non massage. No effort into it and no offer of part 2. I know the feeling. losing an hour of my life that i will never get back, and that wtf feeling. 🙂

    1. Hi C,

      Sorry about that session you had. We have stopped using Erina shortly after investigating the incident. Also, we did make an offer to you for the unpleasant session you had but have yet to hear back from you. Do contact us again to have a chat.

      kthnbai, Bella

    1. Hey herb 🙂 thanks. Please visit here from now and then. I had rosemary before, but now I don’t. This weekend I’m planting another one.

      1. I smoke my herbs, but good luck with the planting.
        And stay away from those cronuts, that shit is bad.

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