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Because it’s easy to write blog with pictures than video. I wanted to write some food reviews but I do snapchat most of the time and because its specialty (snaps will be deleted 24hours later unless you save it) I don’t have many footage 🙁 Maybe I’m taking more pictures than video from today.


Brewtown, Newtown

Although I went there Sunday morning, It was packed of people. Guess it’s current hip place.

Cronut : 10/10 Sorry, I don’t think Cronut can go under the 10 point. I had Mango one and it was tastyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Coffee : 5/10 I don’t know much about coffee but there’s rosetta.

Green salad : 9/10 (maybe under different name, I don’t remember)

YUM! Green beans, Avocado, Brown rice and Kelp! 4 things what I love.. -1 because there was some small pieces of garlic/shallot/ginger (I can’t tell which one but) and it was kinda… hmm… too strong smell?? when I accidentally bite it. there were only few.. and I thought it’s ok dish without it.


Rueben republic, Marrickville

Remember last time I didn’t like here. However every Friday is their Burger Friday. So you can choose between free add-up extra (patty, toppings) or small chips for free.

Cheese burger : 8/10

It was actually not bad, I’m not a huge fan of burger but It’s freshly made when you order, so.. not bad. Like last time It was too saucy again(-1), and patty was extra heavy, I mean too oily :T (-1) but guess that’s whole point of having cheese burger heh..e.. indulging…  Funny, small chips are like $5 and large for $7. and It’s not even half size! 😠 Chips quality much better without melting cheese that I had last time. YUM!

IMG_1417Hartsyard, Enmore

I and my friend only been there for their mad soft serve, (The price is mad too. $18~ I think) Check out their instagram, it’s better than porn if you like a various flavour’s soft serve.

However, we couldn’t resist to order other menus because it sounds so intriguing too.


I had pulled pork AGAIN since I was disappointed day before @RR, but where’s shrimp dish? I probably did snapchat and forgot to save it… I think

that shrimp dish (I tried look for what was it from their website but there’s nothing about shrimp in their menu.) was really interesting, I wish I have picture! It was nutty, refresh, herby, … *used all adjectives I know* was so nice and tasty, felt super natural anyway, the pulled pork (right) was fantastic as well, It melted in my mouth, so it compensate my mind that got raped by bad quality pulled pork burger. It was not dried of course, slight sweet from maple syrup, (Wonder how it’s not too sweet but smells like I’m having maple tree…) They made green apple in some way so It has different texture, didn’t have fried pork skin because I’m not a big fan and already so full from dinner, and the shrimp dish before this. (so that means it was second dinner) But, what was our aim to come here? soft serve, SOFT SERVE!!!!

Once I’ve found about their delicate, refined soft serves..


It stimulated my imagination as fuck because they just enumerates ingredients(or flavours) remotely so my brain had to figure it out what it tastes like.. It.. It certainly was disturbing.. to see their seasonal soft serve


But well, It was ‘Blood orange’ flavour when I was there. Mmm.. personally, I prefer creamy, nutty, cheesy, salty, chocky(?) ice cream over fruity, citrusy sorbe. For instance I liked Earl grey caramel(N2), Bondi hipster(Messina) the most,.. but this soft serve was blood orange flavour… why… and my friend can’t even have it because He’s on specific medicine which reacts to bloody orange and grape fruit… you know like some citrus type fruits that they also have bitterness… I’m not that into fruit flavour ice cream…  but what can I do.. I came for this… I ordered it anyway… soft serve itself? wasn’t bad. compare to $21 truffle soft serve @Devon.. much detailed flavour… much effort.. look those flower shaped blood orange. It’s cute! and It was refreshing! indeed… you know when you have heavy dessert your tummy bloated whole day… but it wasn’t. Light, refreshing, fragrant. mmm 8/10


We ordered Honey pear for my poor friend who can’t have blood orange, the fuck it was nice, the nicest dessert ever I’ve had in my life. I didn’t even listen carefully when the server gave us presentation, like this is this that is that blah blah blah… I was like mm kay.,. let me have my soft serve..,. but seriously, this was too nice. Maybe we didn’t expect much about it. It sounds so healthy in their menu, honey socked pear, rice cracker, blah blah but It just was so good. Even though we couldn’t figure out what’s this. Ice cream was also included, it actually covers honey confit-ed pear. 15000/10 damn so good. (I suppose they don’t update their menu often, I can’t find this either but it was honey-pear-something.)


Copo Cafe & Diner in Drummoyne

IMG_2653IMG_2651Truffle fries 15000/10

It was crispy, moderate saltiness, + subtle truffle scent. overall, IT WAS VERY GOOD CHIPS!

I forgot how much it was…

Forgot the name but some kind of platter 5/10

I like sour dough bread +1, I like olive +1, Trout is good source of omega3 +1, Chick pea hummus +1, Tzatziki +1

Prosciutto too salty -1, Salami not my type -1, Guacamole too little -1, Maybe it’s menu for two -1, “The roof of my mouth [or inside of my mouth] was raw and tender from the sharp toasted edges of the sourdough.” -1

Cold brew coffee was refreshing! after 7km run I had 5462512345878657543 kcal, I guess.

Don’t you guys think that Mcdonald’s fries are not as good as before from some point???? I’ve been thinking this since I came to Sydney. Like having chips is same as have sinned for me, so I don’t usually order chips as I charged guilty to myself, but once I eat, I eat properly.

IMG_2313 (1)
Like this

First I thought it’s because I’m in Australia, I thought something is wrong with Aussie oil or potato. Then now I think It’s because they don’t use lard anymore due to health concern, Every cafe claims that they are organic, gluten-free so Mcdonald might be considered not to use lard because it sounds a lot unhealthier than veggie oil.

So then some cafe owners are like fuck veggie oil! I miss that nasty greasy taste, I’m not gonna live forever anyway!! and the cafes that use lard instead of veggie oil would be popular because it’s tasty. What would you choose? lard? or veggie oil? It’s good to have my own cafe. To be honest, Air-frier wedges are sucks.


Italian cafe next door, Marrickville

Devon cafe, Barangaroo



will complete this by tonight;;;;;

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  1. It’s tone and flow snowball. This is a peaceful interlude after the highs and lows of the massage saga. When you get a chance Chelsea I’d really like to see another of your one handed filmed cooking demonstrations. 🙂

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