Chelsea’s healthy kitchen 2 : Curry (recipe!)


Having my own blog is fun thing because of its name. My blog’s domain is and I’m not being healthy right now. Early of this year I did 4 types of exercises at once and didn’t have time to have Krispy kreme. And all of sudden My precious previous car was broken, bought new one and have been suffering from dept, dept and more dept ever since June, so I had to stop what I like… sad story but I’m lying.. I’m just being lazy and had so much fun with different types of guys… look all those foods and ARs.. I indulged myself with lots of sugar, dicks, and writing blog.

 1. I’m going to cook


No more….


No more!!@!!!


No more kissburn too!!

Seriously, I better not spend this much money to buy a meal, or sweets for many reasons (eg. Disney land) and also I’m kind of shocked from movie “Okja“. I had same feeling when I watched “Old Partner” so I know I’m eventually going to eat any kind of meat but, how about cutting down?!


  • Breakfast : Apple banana, A hand full of raw almonds, Large cap
  • Lunch : Left over curry from today
  • Snack : Chobani’s Flip
  • Dinner : Free meal!!! Chicken wings

and I’ll buy celery, tomato, broccoli and free range whole chicken so I can make a big pot of chicken soup.

2. Less obscene speech and behaviour

  • It’s delicious, It’s good, It’s awesome instead of I’m wet or I came.
  • Stop forcing people to touch my nipples in public, stop saying f words.
  • Less stirring, I realised my jokes can hurt someone for their whole lifespan.

 3. Exercise regularly

Five days a week, short time is fine but I should DO. Otherwise I’m tarogerski’s daughter.

4. What else can be done… oh, mmm…. well… hmm… ugh…..



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  1. Big country 17/09/2017

    oh, thanks, looking forward to it. The curry looks very filling. I hope its a video demonstration.. I need the practical cooking tips.

    You have been eating out a lot, and also having $120 massages (including purchases) aren’t you supposed to be trying to save money? Do wordpress give you any idea how much you get for per page views? 1c? 10c? 15c? $1?

  2. therealrealcleetusvandamme 18/09/2017

    Please don’t hurt Bella. I heard she is the most beautiful mamasan
    /receptionist in Sydney. Please stop feud.

  3. Big country 18/09/2017

    more AR, more curry. You are so funny in this one..lots of exclamation marks and shouting at doughnuts. If i eat one i will just laugh all day.

    You have cute way of making story from nothing. More story, more money (thank you wordpress). No swear, no curse. Why? I’m cracking up, imagine you trying to find new words to say in funny voice. Keep funny pics, boy kiss dolphin, crazy and just so so original.

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