Hi, thank you all for visiting shit stirrer’s blog. I will try to stir harder. But this post i will try to minimise usage of f word. You can count it if you like.

I had very busy day today. I had to go pick up new korean girl early morning, then I had to cover receptionist again because He just didn’t come without any notice. I served 50ish customers, it was quite busy day. 10 hours 50ish customers means average 5 customers an hour… and those endless towels.. seriously, it never ends… Is this because I troll 24/7 on the forum? Or because I had many good girls and many people got paid today. Hehheheh…

Many people ask me that why not many Korean girls work in Sydney, well It’s my opinion not really scientific or statistically proven, so yeah because Sydney is not really good market for them anymore. So many Chinese girls nowadays, it’s literally flooding. I have 2-3 new Chinese girls almost everyday. It’s because visa. immigration thing… Australia government finally said OK to Chinese people to get working holiday visa, not only Chinese girls, but also boys. Well.. Korea has one too. Chinese girls are relatively.. young. That doesn’t mean all Korean girls are old but C girls are generally younger. and they work hard. It’s easy to find KPS but CPS… never heard of it. Korean WLs.. Don’t do this Don’t do that, Want to see Asian only, don’t want to see grandpa .. this and that.. Chinese girls are not picky. They need money so they work, I sometimes have no clue.. when Korean girls being very very picky.. do they need money? or is this job for fun???? Therefore, people tend to choose C girls more than K girls. They are younger, look better, service better… Why still obsessed to Korean girls? if there’s so many better choices. So except few real good Korean girls, they all decided to work at interstate. Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth… They pay more, (I guess because there are less shops. so that means less competitive.) and they expect less. I’ve been seeing/hearing it everyday from most of WLs that I’ve known for long time… So yeah.. they go interstate or totally different countries, Such as US, Japan and Europe maybe, ㅋ Germany? because… why not? So please don’t be so upset about no-kgirls-situation in Sydney.. let’s pray Australia currency goes up like 20..12? 11. That time I think $1 = ₩1500.. which is… double amount of current currency. Guess it’s now ₩7-800.. So there’s no big merit to come to Australia, paying visa, and selling pussy. Once again, It’s not fact, but my opinion.

Anyways… everything is overwhelmed. Since I wrote such a(should I say an?) Harsh AR for Elsa @Bella massage, I thought She was enjoying this much attention but guess not, my expectation went to wrong again. What can I do? I like to troll but don’t feel like hurt someone. What can I do? buy a cake, visit her and say


Many people call me attention whore, shit stirrer, narcissist on the internet but I don’t give a fuck (oops) because … I know they can’t say anything in front of me. They say this and that because it’s anonymous, but who could actually say exactly same shit to my face? firstly I’m not that psycho in real life and secondly no one is that mean in real life. I thought that Bella knew that I’m just stirring like other fucktards do, but well, maybe not. Some people are just innocent. not like me… I often suspicious when people flatter me, I’m like mm.. is he/she being sarcastic? or real


Now She knows it, because I told her that 95% of whatever I write on the internet is either “just saying”, or “bullshit”. so don’t have to be so serious, either get offended. Well I wish she understood what I meant, and … oh…  yah…. also I’m not interested in being alpha female shit because I’m submissive as fuck. (oops) sometimes I even want to do

I want to be in a leash. look, how I’m submissive? like Japanese girl, you know?

I don’t want to lead people. Bella started her own business and I’m just staff of small brothel. I work for someone.. I don’t want to ruin her business because it’s whole different type of service. Do I ever want to be a pimp? one day? hell no… no not my thing. If Bella got offended by something that I wrote about her staff, I got offended by people calling me alpha female bitch. Fuck (ehehehhe) I don’t want to be alpha female. I don’t mind to be called attention whore, narcissist, but Alpha female.. Fuck that title.. I don’t want it, why make me feel like I’m bullying her? Did I really?

Maybe ㅋ I don’t know.. maybe we are all victim of Gonorrhea. It was fun, really fun for me (especially when I imagined buying macbook air from wordpress ads money ㅋㅋ) but If she didn’t like the way I’m talking to her/ or Gonorrhea, then I was bully, well I admit then.

I “was” bully!~ !!!!

After all Bella was complaining how quiet today was, so I was like

“Maybe we need to fight harder… you know, so it generates more interest for both side?”

She was like



I chose this cake because It looks like my dear rosemary God 🙁
I was thinking about making intermission shots again but fuck it I’m so tired.




35 thoughts on “Overwhelmed”

  1. You can’t please everyone chelsea, plus it’s the internet you’re gonna get negative feedback thrown at you no matter what you do. That being said first time I’ve actually thoroughly gone through your blog, interesting posts keep up the entertaining posts.

    1. HEY cafffffff!! how you been? I think that was the whole point of this post, I mean it’s internet so bullshits are everywhere, and why so much care. right?
      anyway… thanks for the comment~~!~!~!~!~ today I wear a common project 🙂

      1. Shouldn’t need to tell you that some is impersonating me. *Sigh* shame I can’t register my name oh well. I didn’t realise you mention me whenever it comes to writing what you wear (bring it on caffrey you bitch) hahaha honestly made my day. Thumbs up for the CP sneaker. Today I was in casual gear as well. CP white low Top, jeans and white com de garcon shirt and black bomber jacket. Such a hongkie look lol. Hope to see you at M5 soon I keep missing you when I go

          1. Fuck you dude! You have no idea how classy I am! I would class you into the middle of next week! I have Zegnas, Rolexes, OPs, you seriously have no idea what your dealing with bitch!

              1. That should’ve been CPs, sorry just so mad. You’ve achieved your mission of making me blow my usual cool demeanour Mr imposter. Anyway, I won’t be posting after this so any following posts are definitely not me FYI.

  2. Today I had a day off so spent the day masturbating in front of my full length mirror in various of may favourite suits. I ended up my cumming all over a Zegna suit that has aged a bit too much. So hot and a great way to say goodbye to an old friend!

      1. Paul Keating remains the Australian patron saint of the Zegna suit. Beautiful handcrafted attire for the gentleman who appreciates the best.

  3. Oh wow, caff3ry your as hilarious as Xmas. Its so funny, i imagine you wank, wank, wanking away!! And on a suit, oh so funny.

    If only Xmas filmed it. Her out there, oh so different take, speaking in her funny Korenglish. Would be Youtube success, here come Disneyland.

    You wank on suit, looking in mirror pretending to be sexy. Im crying with laughter now, cant sit still.

    And after filming Xmas can write more recipes. What a great story. Wank, wank, wanky time.

  4. Haha lolz i was bored. I saw someone else use someones name and tbought thats pretty funny.

    Although i got no idea who the fake Caff3ry is lol.

    I thought it was weird that he was writing the wanking on suit thing. Guess it makes sense it wasnt him – i unfortunately cant claim that.

    I’ll stop mucking around.

  5. Please not haha

    I gotta respect your thoughts Miss Chelski. Keep the other readers happy.

    Everyone gets a bit precious on the Internet. I dont think they all share my warped aenae of humour.

      1. Typo.

        Was meant to be sense – as in “sense of humour”.

        Haha whats wrong with BC pussy? Didn’t you meet her yesterday? Or is she a guy?

        Xoxo haha

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