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Q : what is your general view with married men as your client? Is it a feeling of pity for them or do you see them as losers or cheaters. Or just no feeling?
A : no feeling? I didn’t even ask if they got already married or have girl friend/partnerㅋ

Q :I have a question. What do you think about circumcised and uncircumcised cocks? Any preference and why?
A :

Q : When work gets too much for me I go to the gym. Ladies, how do/did you cope with the demands of your job?
A : I think i really liked date with customers. Not sexual purpose just eat movie exercise etc together

Q : After 1000 customers. Do you ever want to just have sex for fun (one night stand or fb)? or do you only want to with the person you like/love?
A : you know i am always asking this question to myself. do we really need love when we have sex? It seems no string attached sex isn’t fun as much as attached one. so far….
maybe, because my ex was seriously good… I can not find someone else like him after I tried few

Q : Would you ever work again as a WL Christmas?
A : Never say never!

Q : What turns you on? Both physically and mentally ?
A : physical : big back, wide shoulder
mentally : smart guys… good boys are good but not fun. smart guys play… and I am fooled then I cry but that’s kinda sexy…

Q : Define: “Wide”, “Big” and “smart”
A : Wide and big enough so he can back hug me. smart enough so make me not get too bored.

Q : Since you’re studying BJJ, do you have any favourite fighters?
A : I don’t have favourite fighter since I don’t enjoy watching ufc etc but I learn a lot from Kit dale’s dvd ❤️ Kurt osiander’s youtube channel also is one of the best for me.. Stephen Kesting is legit! I have all of his app

Q : What is your favourite foreplay act..:
1. To be done to you
2. That you do
A :
1. Daty
2. Bj

Q : has any customers fallen for you? more than client WL relationship
how did you handle it?
A : had 4 client Boyfriend and there was no happy ending so far

Q : Have you every refused to service a punter? What was the reason(s)?
A : the guy who sees me way too many times, I said nooooo moreeeeee because I got bored.

Q : What attracted you to your ex-client boyfriends? Why do other girls date clients?
A : I think most of us date client because we are only human LOL what kind of question is this!!! I liked my previous ex because he was my dream guy ㅠㅠㅋ for the others, I was maybe lonely, bored, they were there at the very right timing, so…

Q : Do you prefer rough sex or loving? I understand if you like both, but which do you like more? Turns you on more?
A : I like to be slapped! that doesn’t mean I like rough sex. rough-pistoning (push and pull really hard and fast) is no good for me.

Q : For your ex-client bfs, how many times did they see you as a client before you fell in love with them?
A : OH! good question… I only see them once @work… :/

Q : No idea if this has been asked because I guess you get it free….but…would you ever use the service of a working man? I.e Would you pay to be fucked?
A : no.. never.. I am interested though..

Q : Hey Christmas you can answer ( or anyone else). Is Marrickville 5 the one that looks like a really run down house outside? If it is is it any better looking inside?
A : yeah it looks so bad atm but we are renovating this year

Q : what would you prefer in terms of shaving/trimming of male pubic hair? What about beards, moustaches and goatees?
A : prefer raw-dick because it’s easy to suck and it looks sexier.
I like facial hair.

Q : when working as WL, did you masturbate at all or was all the sex sufficient to meet your needs? Now no longer working as WL, how do you meet your sex needs when without a BF? Do you booty-call ex-clients/do privates/self-service?
A : when I worked : self-service wasn’t needed
now : . //.. well,.. I said I got my first toy for my bday present… now i think toys are all bullshit!@ human flesh the best

Q : Hi Christmas, I have a question for you.
I recall in another thread you mentioned that you would prefer to be cold than have longer sex.
So for roughly how long do you like the sex to be?
Both while you were working and for your personal enjoyment?
A : When I worked : the quicker the better
with BF : appx 20mins – 3hour? depends… exclude foreplay part right…

Q : Hi Christmas,
When you were a WL was your style GF or more PSE and why?
Also how would you define the difference between the two?
A : IMO I was definitely GFE
it was big turn-off for some guys, I was too friendly to them. I guess… more likely female friend, not even girl-friend hehehheh
PSE is more likely hard-core sex (strong pounding etc) and fake moaning, exaggerated physical, verbal reaction…. (eg; fuck my hard babe!)
also, I didn’t make any noises unless I really moan.
GFE is like sex + pillow talk but you talk more than sex LOL (yeah good excuse to avoid round2 eh-hem!)
I would not say GFE = DFK since I wasn’t really keen on DFK… I think peck peck kiss is more GFE ㅋㅋㅋ I do like cheek kiss a lot. I always kiss on Simon and Fox’s face… DFK is just too much for me. what an asian

Q : this question may have been asked many times before but do WL/MLs talk about customers/regulars? Good or bad things. Do they vent or talk about the session?
A : yahhhh they eat, or talk about customers/session in their waiting room

Q : 1) What was the most times you guys ever had an orgasm while with the same punter or partner??
2) What do you guys prefer clean shaven or a bit of Bush below, both for your self or punter/partner.
A : 1) I don’t write like this when I have sex so I don’t know how many times I cum TBH ^*^
2) no hair good for both (personal preference)

Q : Hey Xmas. What do you think of punters getting on an anonymous forum and making posts with the intent of getting a retired WL back in the game? Also, how do feel about the same punters having arguments amongst one another whilst trying to achieve this?
A :

Q : Christmas when are you going to travel overseas again?
A : I have no plan yet, where you’d recommend?

Q : Xmas, which of the WL are you closest too??
A : I have a few… one of the closest, she retired for good and her name was Monica @M8. she’s so pretty❤️ Summer @42 (but she works interstate these days), Romi @5, Talia @42

Q : Did you know any girls from Romeos? My favourite there was Emily. She worked at m8 after Romeos for a short time and then disappeared.
A : I worked with Bibi, Amy, Cookie, Tiffany, Bella, Tina, Ruby, Cathy, Daisy, who else.. Monica, as I mentioned.. Does Jade have wide jaw? I’m not sure.. above girls i can remember well though well and don’t know about Romeo girls! Sorry can’t help you..

Q : How much can a very popular WL and ML make per year?
A : very popular one could make 1.5-2k a day, if she works whole day. (except sleeping, eating and toilet)
let’s say average 1.7k a day, a week 10k

-period 4days x12mth = 7 weeks maybe?

45weeks nonstop working except period,
450k maybe

Q : christmas who has bigger chest you or vitamin
A : Bahahhhahaha yeah apparently vitamin’s are 3times bigger than mine

Q : How come i don’t see you at 42 anymore? What happened?
A : hihi I was sent to N5M because 42 has new manager so I can now more concentrate on Marrickville
look my achievement! made new website! made new roster! 뀪!!!

Q : So when do you start renovating m5?
A : I don’t know when It starts seriously but management is assuming that it will be fully renovated by next February
2 stories building! with many many private corridors like 42 and bigger, cleaner rooms!!!! I am so excited! since now N5M’s room quality is not the best quality…

Q : So i won’t get to see you again at 42???
A : relax lemontart, I still go 42 sometimes, to hang with Jesse, Talia, Mona etc (as you see from my snapchat) you know, I always thought that you’re my ex. aren’t you?

Q : Just curious, but how often do you look at the mirror whilst doggying?
A : Whenever I’m doggy-ing.

Q : Christmas whats the red thing at the bottom of your neck in the Snapchats? Is it a neckalce or a body mark?
A : It’s.. it’s tattoo ㅋㅋㅋ

Q : Why are WLs so fascinated by mirrors?
A : because everyone has their narcissistic side…

Q : What if you’re doggying in the great outdoors? Do you carry one in your bag at all times? 😛
A : Oh! I never had our door sex the most extreme sex ever I had would be car sex @Epping ㅋ

Q : Christmas!! How what percent of WL are dating or in a relationship?
A : HI!!!! 50% I guess!!!!!

Q : Do WLs really think Pretty Woman is a good movie?
A : LOL I don’t know
I never asked them and personally never watched it either
is this kinda another cinderella story? wl meets rich man and they love forever?
I liked leaving las vegas though

Q : Is pikachu your favourite Pokemon?
A : no, my favourite is eevee

Q : Just wondering has there been many happy endings after leaving the job like pretty woman……
A : no. never seen this kind of happy ending (I haven’t watched yet but it’s cinderella story right?)

Q : what training do you give a new to the industry girl when she starts work
A : lecture 1. oral sex : how to suck like dyson and lick like soft serve. Who to suck who to lick how to find fine distinction.
lecture 2. genital sex : when to tighten your vagina and when to loosen. How to make fake cramps so make customers feel they are special.
lecture 3. after sex manner : business secret
lecture 4. how to make customer come back : business secret
lecture 5. how to groom yourself and sell yourself better

Q : Have you ever thought of getting a boob job ?
If so what size would you prefer ?
If not is there any particular reason ?
PS More nudes please
A : yes. when I worked so many times, because all the onnis(Seniors) recommended to me. they said I’d get more customers if I have bigger boobs.
I’m such a person who’s easily convinced by what people saying so I was like oh.. yeah? but nah.. not that much money I can afford it either If , If i have money right.. enough money
I’d do nose job not boobs job. I got derma filler on my nose bridge(?) where you put your glasses on like early of this year and I feel like it’s gone already
and also I.. I always think I’m lucky whenever I see huge boobs at gym… It’s convenient and portable actually, and you no need to buy a bra because you don’t wear most of the time.

Q : Hey Christmas, just curious but how come your looking for jeter? What happened?
A : Want to have sexual intercourse

Q : And Christmas i dont mean this question in a bad way but do you brush your teeth regularly? Six bad teeth is a lot
A : Damn I giggled a bit! I didn’t want to! what do you mean don’t mean LOL you are already so mean! jokes!
yah I try to brush my teeth regularly but more likely flossing often.
I didn’t know I better not brush my teeth after eat something but because of my previous job, I couldn’t smell kimchi so I brushed my teeth like 10-15 times a day before.
that was way too much… but now I brush my teeth maybe 3-5 times a day (since I smoke :T, it’s still too much, according to dentist)
I had 3 teeth took-off recently btw 🙁 gummy job is real

Q : hey always ask you “Where do you live?” or “Do you live near here?” I think it’s so they can guess the chance of you coming back, and if so make more of an effort. Can you explain, or is it another business secret?
A : they are just saying

I back up here because now I kind of have strong feeling that thread is gonna be deleted sooner or later ㅋㅋㅋ


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      1. Aaaahhhh peach – is peach something cool in Korea? Because David Chang (the Korean restaurant guy) uses peach signs everywhere to.

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      1. Happened when i was reaming your mother whilst you dad was on a leash licking my asshole barking like a dog.

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