Chelseanary (Continuously updating)

Apprehensive is similarly used as worry or concern but if worry or concern is used for vague, uncertain things, Apprehensive is used when it comes with certain future or appointment?? that’s what I felt… I don’t know, maybe not. For example
I was concerning about my toothache.
I am seriously apprehensive of seeing dentist again.

Reassuring is similar to relieved.. like
Her face and Her English… reassuring me.
I feel so reassured because I’ve confirmed my ex still stalks me.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 9.01.12 pm
Fascinating IP result, stop jerking off while reading my blog, Tony

Crisis averted is can be used when your friend has not smoked for a half day so She road rages, is being nasty, hyper as fuck then finally gets to smoke so She’s Reassured. At this moment you can say “Crisis averted.” But seriously I have strong urge to shoot someone very often when I’m driving. Quintessential Korean…

Impose on someone is can be used When your colleagues are being so princess, You’d love to mumble yourself “Nobody has imposed on you to work as WL, It’s 100% your choice. Everyone is vulnerable, Don’t think you are only victim, you think you sacrifice yourself but that’s what everyone does for money. So please shut up you fuck face”

Barbaric and Feral is same same but different. It’s.. literally me. I don’t write as sophisticated and well educated woman like Bella. I swear, I don’t pretend, I dribble food everywhere so I need a

It’s called Bib
Cute bib

but that’s fine. WTF

Reptilian is.. Crocodile, Chameleon, and Charizard. But it can be also used for human who is creep. It’s interesting how western culture describe low key people as the ugly creatures that crawl with 4 feet. I am in love with this word.

Repugnant is similar to hate, or averse. But it’s bit more stronger way to say when you hate something. I naver-ed it and found very funny picture LOLLLL this is how Korean memorise vocabulary.


Voyeur/Exhibitionism One is someone who likes to stalk another one is someone who likes to show off. You and me.

Oxymoron is the way you talk/write. It’s logically inconsistent but it makes sense somehow. For instance

  1. cheerful pessimist
  2. seriously funny
  3. unbiased opinion

Heterodoxy and heresy are.. apparently same. right? Prefix hetero- comes from Greek, (means different) so it’s opposite to homo-.  eg, homosexual, heterosexual. I think I looked for Heterodoxy or heresy because I am into satanism. Isn’t it funny people consider some religions as cult because it’s not christian, or catholic? I am an atheist after my rosemary God deceased on August, 2017.

Paganism is pagan beliefs and activities. Pagan is like I believe Rosemary god.. Pagan don’t believe main religion such as Buddhism, Christian, and Catholic. Christian thought they are inferior long long time ago. I think still they do? Don’t profane my rosemary god.

Unattainable means not able to reach, or achieve. You could say an unattainable goal, an unattainable dream. an unattainable ideal is also oxymoron. ㅎㅎㅎ

Insinuating indirectly, suspiciously, say/ write something but in its negative way

Recondite the fancy version of word “difficult” difficult to understand, and not many people know about it, like when you think about relationship between Strain/Restrain/Strict/Restric/Refrain… that’s recondite.

Strain has so many meaning WTF? I thought there must be something between strain-restrain, strict-restrict because it looks similar and regular. am I right? what’s going on between word – REword. eg. strain-restrain, strict-restrict. refrain (but there’s no frain) and I saw restrain-constrain they all have similar meaning but slightly different. Restrain is more likely forbidden… you are dead if you do. Constrain is similar to restricted but not as strong as restrain, like better not, but if you do.. that’s no good. is what I felt.

Patronise could be used when someone tries to teach me something but somehow attitude is like he/she looks down at me and they think they are superior to me.

Condescending is.. someone patronises, that’s condescending.

Haughty is … when you see someone is patronising me or condescending me and you know it’s bullshit, so you can describe him/her as haughty. They are somehow very proud of themselves but you disagree.

Lewd is adjective, it’s similar to rude but in a sexual way.

Despicable means when you describe someone(something) is extremely nasty or cruel

Despise When you don’t like something or someone so you look down those things.

Profanity I thought this word when I met (J) Maria for the first time, but I didn’t know what’s this in English. It’s disrespectful behaviour or speech for religion.

Nescience if you google this,

“I ventured into the new Korean restaurant with some equally nescient companions”

Means that you went to try new K restaurant with someone who doesn’t know about it at all. Nescience = not knowing = dunno

Wavering waver means something is not stable so it’s moving to here and there. Wavering could be used when your mind, dream, decision is unsure, and hesitate. and flag, cloth, candle light is moving around because of winds, or maybe obstacle.

Reminiscence  When you try to remember from the past because you want to talk or write about something which happened a while ago.

Euphemism when you try to say or express something but in a mild way, or maybe polite way? Because some words are too shy to say, or maybe it could upset people. Eg. Sex, Death. so you can use “pass away” instead of “die” or “deceased”, “fuck” instead of “sex”

Wary is when you don’t know well about something, so you are very careful. Maybe it’s dangerous, or harmful so you are cautious. it’s wary. “Be wary” is very commonly used.

Ubiquitous when you say/write ubiquitous something, means that something is everywhere. somehow it sounds so pro but meaning is so plain wtf

Disparage when you disparage something or someone, you actually talk shit about those. is this similar as criticise? maybe Criticise sounds stronger because you don’t criticise without your strong opinion but you can disparage something without it.

Pique is weird. It can be used as like pique interest, it means generates interest. But most of the time it’s used as annoying feeling, when someone treats you badly or unwarrantedly. How come 1 word 2 totally different meaning?

Wooing Woo is … when you make people love you, support you maybe? or when you want to be a president you try to make people vote for you???? wooing is .. trying to get attention so you woooooo (구애하다)











Dear snapchat God

Please don’t delete this filter forever, like you leave big eyes Reptilian filter for like an year now. It’s a good filter.

regards, Charles.



26 thoughts on “Chelseanary (Continuously updating)”

  1. You probably have a better grasp of English than half the people in Australia.

    Look forward to your example for heterodoxy – howd you even find this word?

    1. haha yeah I also wonder why i looked for hetro doxy. probably hetro sexual- related words- hetrodoxy? funny ‘doxy’ is a independent vocabulary too. it means prostitute. ㅎㅎㅎ

  2. I claim credit for introducing the word “lewd” to you. Too bad its a dirty word…

    1. asphyxiophilia (uncountable) erotic asphyxiation; a paraphilia involving asphyxia at the moment of orgasm.

      asphyxiation you are suffocated oxy
      paraphilia sexual perversion
      perversion abnormal and unacceptable
      asphyxia a condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen
      deprived lacked

      so it’s … chocking’s luxury version word.. nice

  3. There are many euphemism for sex:
    Banging (because sex is actually banging p against p)
    Boning (because God made woman from man’s rib, so it called boning)
    Netflix and chill

  4. had to tilt my head sideways to see your face from another angle but yeah, you are a cutey with a cool tattoo. Love the smile.

  5. Hey this blog isnt that good. I clicked in the advert to give you some money but now i want it back!!!

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