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안녕하세요! I know I’ve been lazy again, didn’t update much because I .. I didn’t have any problem recently. I didn’t cry, I wasn’t mentally collapsed. All good.. but then no fun stuff in my blog! Dilemma is real.
I was going to talk about guys, (yeah I know what else I can talk about) the stereo types by nationality. You know I had much more chance to meet different types of guys than other normal girls, different nationality especially. I thought it could be fun to talk about. Then I officially miss Natalie so much all of sudden, We don’t even meet much When she’s here but why do I love her more than others? I want to go California only because She’s there. How fun!!!! imagine Disneyland-ing with her… I will die from lung rupture by excessive laughter. But I chose to go Tokyo’s since visit Korea is more urgent. I’m now so mature so I could chose right one between what I should do and what I want to do. But anyway, I miss her.. I still don’t know why

Thanks all for liking my nudes, as I said once I was thinking about sexy webcam but what’s different working as working lady and getting paid from being naked? Have you ever thought about.. mm.. you really like something but if it comes to work you won’t like it like before you do. For example I thought photography is really cool stuff but I studied 6 years, 6 YEARS! after 6 years, not only I’m not into it anymore but maybe I dislike it. Fuck zone0 to 9, burning and dodging, and I don’t even know why I had Maya course which made me failed twice. ewwwwwweewwewwwwewwwww I just want to take nude and make horny guys desperate but there’s no intend to make money of it. Blog too. I thought It could be good if I make money of it (Maybe right) but if I can’t, that’s ok. If someone says it’s fun to read then I’m more than happy to write ㅎㅎㅎ

So.. what was the topic?

Oh yes, many people like my review because I don’t bull shit but yeah.. there’s nothing to review recently.. I once wanted to visit Tokio girls(?) it was Tokio not Tokyo, I am already interested from shop’s name… it’s Tokio not Tokyo.. how creative?!!!@> I wanted to treat vitamin since He was too good to me when I was poor as FUCK, I’m still poor now but I don’t need to beg money at least. So.. asked him if he wants to go but we ended up not going it because He doesn’t want to part 2, so did I. Remember when Elsa fucked my “treat myself” day, I fucked her night too. MLs.. they will be able to make more money if we don’t book them. That’s just we are being a bit considerate, I really want to experience Jap girls massage though.. I assume it’s gonna be pretty shit. Perhaps shitter than Elsa. Japanese know nothing about Massage but nuru. Don’t they? Food reviews no one likes it 🙁 It might generate more views from google search (I thought) but actually NOT. and BK doesn’t like it because It’s boring. My blog – BK = 0, My blog – BC = 0.

Anyway.. what was the topic?

ugh…. ehhh… yes, forget about topic. Buy a good pair of shoes, those shoes will bring you to nice place. I .. I don’t know what to write! give me some topics maybe?

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  1. I think the Japanese know a bit more than nuru when it comes to massage. Some of my best massages have been from japanese ML, including one of the girls (if it is the Sakura crew) on the Tokio Studio line up. As long as the ML lady at a RnT place has gotten the proper training and qualifications then they should be able to give you a proper massage with or without part 2. Its a shame it sounded like your experience last time was with someone that didn’t have this training.However I like your consideration for the ML but unfortunately I don’t know any good legit Japanese massage places as I only really find the places that do part 2 and/or part 3 for my massages these days.
    You used to work at RnT massage shops correct? Did you work with many ladies that actually had done some massage courses or was the training all done on the job. Have you done any massage courses yourself?

  2. No, I worked only Korean major massage places. They provide full training. They also ask girls to pay “deposit” which is $1000, (I know, what the heck?) they won’t give you “deposit” back unless you give them 2 weeks resign notice. but then noone actually give them a resign notice, because, in 2weeks, they bully/annoy you as fuck (don’t give a job, or beg you to work more and more etc) fuck! can somebody ring to fair work? ㅋ

  3. Did you take all the photos of the girls on N5M website? They are really good! I think short videos/gifs of the girls are cool too.
    Would you pay for a guy to massage you and give you a happy ending? Just a thought…
    Topic for blog only if you want to write this…”in a relationship, why do girls have sex when they feel like it, but when the guy wants it, she can choose to reject? (this is my sex life…)”

    1. hi borock thanks 😀 thank you. most of pictures in n5m website, they took themselves.. but some of them I helped a bit. I couldn’t understand about your topic suggestion,.. can you elaborate more about it? 🙂 thank you~~~~!!

      1. Hmmm…basically guys wants sex always, but girls not always. I wanna know why…or if you have any thoughts on why…

        1. I think borock your problem is that you are ugly.
          Please learn how to cook and be good with your tounge and i will still fuck you occasionally out of sympathy.
          Have a great long weekend. Mwah mwah mwah

          1. I wish it was my ugly face. I can cook well and use my tongue quite well I think. Thanks for the offer Sandra Sully!!

  4. Chelsea, I know you used to get bored of clients if they booked you frequently, however did you find your time more enjoyable with anglos or Asian guys?
    IE was one group better as clients or equally shit/good?

    1. Would you like some asian punani Chazza?
      I like white boys if you dont mind “eating” Chinese.

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