American apparel and polar bear

Fine, no one gave me a topic so I just made one this morning while I brushing my teeth.
We human often forget how important something is, especially when it’s around us. Have you ever rued because you fucked your relationship or cried because limited ice cream flavour is gone because no one liked it but you.


Seriously, Baskin robbins is much better in Korea. They make new flavour each every month or two, if it’s popular enough they keep making it, they don’t if it’s not popular. 북극곰 폴라베어 was July, 2009’s flavour and I LOOOOOOVED it. I mean, it’s the best ice cream EVER in my life. It’s vanilla+mint ice cream with mint, chocolate chunk. You might imagine minty chocolate but it’s NOT. I don’t know what made it so special but .. I had this every day, literally everyday because I was afraid that it’s gone soon. People said

“mm.. it’s ok but not the best.”

you know nothing about icecream

and as you expected, It’s gone few weeks later. Seriously, I emailed them not to, but guess I was only one who liked 북극곰 폴라베어.

I came to Australia, had MAXIBON for the first time… omg.. what is this.. new type of love..? honeymoon was short, I was afraid again, what if it’s gone like others I loved? Like my first dog, like my ex, like 북극곰 폴라베어… what if…

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 4.55.44 pm

Lucky not only I like maxybon but others also love it. Last few month was truffle season in Australia I guess, because all the cafe’s menu were packed by Truffle ___, Truffle ___, and Truffle ___. Truffles are good. nice scent, it stimulates appetite only when you have “limited” amount. I had so much truffle dishes recently, ended up not really keen on anymore. Yesterday the restaurant server recommended truffle pizza and I was like


I loved american apparel so much, I even wanted to work there so I could get a staff discount but they never hired me. I had 3 times of interview, every time they took a pictures of me because they advertise their clothes with snaps of sales staff wearing their product. For example

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 2.21.37 pm


They said they will send my profile picture to AA head quarter in LA but I have never employed. FUCK! They say
nope” 3 times!.. Even though I’ve been rejected 3 times my unconditional love towards American apparel has never ended, until early of this year. They have gone “belly up”. (do I sound fancier? ㅎㅎ) There was one and only AA store in oxford street, they closed down 🙁 I like Rag & bones, Acne the most, for t shits, jeans and casual stuffs but those are sometimes.. very.. over priced. (I think it still worth it though,) You want to buy an Equipment’s blouse always but a blouse, it’s half.. sometimes more than half of my weekly wage. American apparel helped me to refrain from buying those things, It’s affordable, It could be sexy(or lewd), It could be classy, It could be anything depends on your style. (While I was doing research I found out this, oh…???) I was going to say how I love one of my AA pants, my lovely black high waist weird texture pants. I can match and mix with just white basic tee, elaborated pattern blouse, crop top, it’s match-able as fuck!!!! and I was worried if it worn out and what If I can’t buy anymore!!! but DW

It’s funny because there seems very very thin line between limited edition and having too much. as I mentioned before, I love limited edition. Limited edition menu, limited flavour ice cream, I must try it out. Limited bag I can’t afford it most of the time.. pass, Limited edition shoes yeah probably….. limited pocky, limited post it, limited small little tiny things (look this) .. because I thought the uniqueness of limited stuff made me offbeat, because I’m not one and only special person by anyone So I tend to rely on unusual limited thing so I can feel I am unique instead of think that the stuff is unique.

I know it’s weird, right ㅎㅎ

but in conclusion, you need to love sincerely something, every. single. second even though it seems stay forever, because you never know it may disappeared sooner or later. and you regret doesn’t work.

12 thoughts on “American apparel and polar bear”

  1. Wow, surprised AA didn’t hire you. I love their employee photo shoots because they look so natural. They’re the kind of pics I’d like to see at N5M.

  2. mmm..”polar bear polar bear”…mint icecream with chocolate chunks. The blue colour looks pretty artificial though.
    Is that really a picture of your feezer? You don’t keep yourself very far from temptation.
    It isn’t stuff, limited edition or not, that makes a person unique.

  3. Yes, truly missed dairy milk chocolate from the UK. It tastes different from that we get here.Normally I only eat dark chocolate but crap milk chocolate has a place in my deep dark favorites

    1. Otis Redding – You Don’t Miss Your Water very good I liked it! 9/10
      Lightnin’ Hopkins-You Never Miss Your Water
      ok.. not bad. but made me bit moody 5/10
      Peter Tosh – Till Your Well Runs Dry
      weeds music 5/10

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