Month: October 2017

Victoria issue

I once was depressed because of Victoria. and still I’m upset when Lenka is talking shit about Victoria, Victoria doesn’t even know who he is, He still talks shit. I don’t know.. there are many kind of people in the world and Lenka is one of kind. Kyoto does not pay him. 5* either, stilleto? […]

L’heure entre chien et loup

Getting into relationship is exchanging each other’s universe. I want someone who has his own universe, so I can explore his big, and different cosmos. Some people just don’t have their own. I often think whether my world is interesting to travel or NAH from his point view… Over the years, I became less hyped […]

D- maybe 28 days

Finally going to Korea 05/11, drop by Tokyo to visit Disney land, meet some friends, then Busan. Get some injection there, botox probably.. going to stay Romi’s place since she’s paying her rent even though She’s in Sydney. 3 days Busan trip then Seoul, GOING TO SEE DENTIST, meet my family and friends for 3 […]

confronting a new relationship

So, I’ve been out with a NEW guy for like more than a month now, We are not officially in relationship but have spent few weekends together, I even cooked for him (wow), etc so it’s more likely couple sooner or later. From K-girls’ point of view changing Kakao talk’s profile picture (voluntarily) means everything. […]