Victoria issue

I once was depressed because of Victoria. and still I’m upset when Lenka is talking shit about Victoria, Victoria doesn’t even know who he is, He still talks shit. I don’t know.. there are many kind of people in the world and Lenka is one of kind. Kyoto does not pay him. 5* either, stilleto? No doubt He has never been. He’s just psycho.. like me, don’t have to react so seriously, but Why I’m so upset? it’s just girl, I work with 100 girls, Victoria was one of them. She had a few good reviews, but Romi has it too. What made her so special? 

Victoria was the second Korean girl who I convinced to come to Australia. She was in Korea, and it took more than 2 months to persuaded her to come Sydney, Australia. It’s not like

V : hi i want to work

C : ok


The most importantly, they want to make money, so I need to discuss about it, how much they used to make, how much they expect from here, my expectation and their ideal. Visa consultant as well as work-preperation, what they need to bring and what we provide etc etc… game seems finish once they make their mind, but it has not started yet.

When they come to Sydney, the three requisites for human living… they need place to sleep, (House inspections) they need food (grocery shopping) ,… so when Victoria just came to Sydney I was like her peppermint butler.

I’m not complaining at all. I convinced her to come here, She had to spend her money to buy flight ticket and for her it certainly was big decision, since she never worked oversea and She is very.. prudent type of person. She perhaps thought about pros and cons, about coming to Sydney. I said I’ll help you to settle down, I’ll help you to make money, I’ll help you…

So I was happy to help her, went to shopping together to buy lingeries., ahh.. fond memories… there were so many dramas but I wouldn’t write about it, it’s too personal! I tried to do my best to help her. She was different from Romi. Romi has worked in Petersham, wasn’t noob and She’s kind of 막무가내(somebody help to translate this, google doesn’t work) person, She already had rented place in St. leonard before she cameㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ yeah, when She was in Korea… She said

“I don’t know where’s your shop but I rent a place in St. leonard.”

I was like

Romi is the first Korean girl I employed, Victoria was the second. There were plenty of Korean girls since I was employed as a staff but I took care of those 2 the most because I.. I told them I will try my best to make them happy, I told them please let me know if they have any problems, because I know how it is hard, I mean working oversea without knowing English.. and any friends, family etc.

I know not many girls are like me. I went to 5* because at that time 5* was the most active shop in syd99 and I thought it’s good to work there. I knocked door, said

“Hellooo I want to work”

Those 2 trusted me, so they made their mind to come Sydney even though they have no idea what’s going on here, they could be fucked if I was liar, but they come because thankfully, they thought I’m real.

I often did their assignment, (Fuck I’m still doing Romi’s) I had to bring them to see GP sometimes, I went to house inspection when they wanted to move, but that was ok, it was(and is for Rom) out of gratitude for Trust. 

However, problem was occurred (sounds ok?), as I said … She left us, moved to Ginza, the most despicable brothel in Sydney, They seriously spend so much money on poaching girls, (K) Ayu gone like that, tried to (K) Hana so many time but finally got busted, when Victoria moved to Ginza I did not blame her at all because If i was working still, I’d follow better option, and gratefully She told me everything, about poaching etc so I was very upset, but OK. acceptable. She came back anyways, few month later She said it’s too much. Ginza wants way too much, customers’ expectation is sky high, with many more reason She left there as well, and She went to weird 듣보잡 shop and sadly, moved to 5* recently because different from what Lenka said, She could not make much money there… I’m wondering why she all of sudden moved to 듣보잡 shop.. why… why 언니 why

Anyway, She works at 5* under name Honey, if you haven’t seen her.. it’s time. 

0417 110 110 (5*)

The reason why I wrote this long story about Victoria, again, is

I got a new girl…



new Korean girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My spirit animal, Carrie Bradshaw
My spirit animal, Carrie Bradshaw

I know one day she will leave, like Victoria. I know Ginza will try their best to steal her from me, but until then.. I’m her slave.. I’m her peppermint butler… now I know how it feels like, my mum would have felt similar maybe? She raised me up for 20 years, She thought she sacrificed everything but IDGF, like

“Don’t tell me what to do! I’m independent adult now! I know what’s life!”

She would have been so so so upset. She must be expected many thing from me, stay with her forever, get married when it’s right time, don’t get whole sleeve tattoo etc… but for me, It’s her greed. I thank her, but I’m not hers. I feel you mom.. I should let Victoria go..,.,,,.

Yuna, She’s so.. adorable.. She’s so.. calm.. not like Romi and me..(hyper, talks too much) more likely Victoria style.. feminine.. careful, small voice.. I’m sure she will never complain about anything.. I have strong intuition… (which always wrong…)

Funnily enought somehow I never hired KPS, I guess because I filter them unconsciously(or automatically) while I consulting them.

Heaps of Korean girls are contacting me still but most of their messages…make me think twice.. they want to make money? or they want to make quick and easy money? Don’t want to do this, Don’t want to do that. Don’t like to see this and that, Prefer this and that. .. blah blah blahhhhh then why do you do this, get a NORMAL JOB.

But this time.. I feel it coming.. she’s real.. like Victoria.. like Romi.. let Victoria go.. I have Yuna and Romi now 😀 

24 thoughts on “Victoria issue”

  1. Thats probably the most interesting article of yours so far.
    So how does it work? How do you first find the girls in Korea? Do you advertise or something?
    And is it your job really to like set up there whole life here? It sounds like you are looking after a pro athlete where you bring them in to focus on their sport only but instead in this case their focus is just to get pounded.

    1. I do same thing as other shops do, i mean advertising stuff… I don’t set their whole life here I think that’s illegal. but I help them to start their business here if it makes sense ㅋㅋㅋ

    1. I dont think so.. that’s why they work all around world but Korea. Criminal record is the mpst scary thing

  2. I’m a big Victoria fan, never been to 5star, might have to go now.I’ve heard the same thing about ginza being hard work for the girls, especially as its a constant flow of dicks with minimal breaks.

  3. Such big beautiful eyes Yuna has…
    So you do the work settling the girls in and then Ginza swoops on them. Maybe you need to set a transfer payment like in English soccer to account for your girl development costs!

    1. And plus Lenka.. he came last night and thought it’s bullshit that We ban him whole his life time… sad… 😂 but it’s true…

  4. Sooo not only Romi but Yuna too? You’re a hard taskmaster Chelsea!!

    1. Thanks herb.. did you know KFC instagram account follows 11 people, 5 spice girls and 6 guys named herb.

  5. The poaching shop you mentioned drills their girls into the ground. Looking tired? Go get botox. You can’t pay for botox? That’s unfortunate, but no shifts until you get it done. You’re still tired? Here, smoke this. You got caught smoking that? You’re fired.

    1. that’s fucked, i am not sure it’s true or not. but i had few girls from there, i didn’t poach them if you remember legendary Kiko and Aika… so pretty and good GFEs… many girls who has worked there told me that it’s freaking sex slave to work there. Well i think you need to sacrifice some stuff if you want to make money. I don’t push my girls to lick customers bum hole therefore we get less customers because of this. I mean.. yeah it’s all girls’ choice where to work. $2000 a day but lick the hole where your poo comes out is pretty …harsh. Still. Though

    1. Hey! thanks for being addicted to my blog! I love you too. visit me sometimes 😀

  6. I’m impressed, the one sentence thing, not even a completed full stop sentence.
    ‘I want work’
    I let my ego drove me to a wrong path, my self esteem grew into a monster, and now I finally learn how to face a shitty self.
    Oh my, wtf.
    Carry on Chealsea, or should I say ‘team chealsea’???

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