Month: November 2017

// I’m getting cheaper one, I wrote something but silly me I didn’t save it so it’s gone perhaps ㅜㅜ

Is 1988 considered as a Millennial?

Apparently, yes. When I was in Korea, stayed my mum and mum’s bf’s place, I found 2006 smart in car park and its owner was sixty something years old, someone’s grand mother. I Hello-ed once in lift and said I have same car in Sydney. We both agreed it’s great car and she seemed nice […]

Cheap flight (2)

So I slept not very well in airport hotel, it’s called samasama hotel, what a cute name.. rooms were nice, clean and tidy but yes I didn’t sleep well because.. I don’t know. I think I woke up 3-4 times, I was dreaming I miss the flight … ㅎ… after 4th time woke up from nightmare […]

Cheap flights (1)

I bought flight ticket for **$300** from Sydney to Tokyo. it’s cheap, no luggage, no meal but I thought it’d be fine because last time when I went to Hawaii, Jetstar didn’t give me a single drop of water and I was fine, I survived, (I took a sleeping pill and slept whole time) so […]

Random thoughts 2

I grudge against some words that thoughtless people use it for defining me. it’s like an ominous hints from diviner, I can’t find any words to against. prejudice is, indeed, true enemy to the truth. I had a few boyfriends who don’t speak Korean. maybe it’s because I need some space that can never be translated in […]