Is 1988 considered as a Millennial?

Apparently, yes.

When I was in Korea, stayed my mum and mum’s bf’s place, I found 2006 smart in car park and its owner was sixty something years old, someone’s grand mother. I Hello-ed once in lift and said I have same car in Sydney. We both agreed it’s great car and she seemed nice person compare to other old grumpy elderly people in Korea. I’m not blaming them but generally speaking old people (over 65~) in Korea they are very… ugh.. I don’t want to say this, but cocky.

They (the cocky old people in Korea) think that “showing respect” is compulsory. I won’t say more because it’s sensitive topic and one day I’ll be old and maybe I’m gonna be the one who’s super cockyㅋㅋㅋ anyway, the nice old lady lives further upon in my(not my) building and I smelled bad somehow. I.. I thought because it’s winter and I skipped having shower maybe. But oddly, when I opened door my mum and dogs were like 

“what the fuck is wrong with you?”

She said I smell so so so so bad. like soooooooooo bad. She also said it’s because I smoke. I could feel I smell weird but I didn’t think it’s ciggy smell. I tried to avoid any more conflict from her nagging so I had quick shower, went to dinner with family. 

I told my mum that I saw smart car owner in lift and she then knew why I smelled so bad. My mum has been seeing her for a few month now, The cool-granny recently moved into this apartment and they had chat few times in lift, (like I did) because, of course, my mum talked about smart car.

Apparently the cool-granny has the Jeotgal(salt-fermented seafood?) shop in traditional market, people who use same lift they all know her because 1. Her cool style 2. Smell… So then no one complained about it because the cool-granny is a nice person. 

I thought it’s such nice gesture of people, I couldn’t bear if they talk shit to someone who drives Smart. Such strong feeling of solidarity, you know? but then I was kinda upset, the cool granny probably has been selling Jeotgal for like more than 20 years.

People who never know what’s 젓갈

Do I like it? I can die for it

My favourite is 명란
My favourite is 명란
명란 pasta I had in Seoul this time
명란 pasta I had in Seoul this time
명란 udon I had in Japan this time
명란 udon I had in Japan this time

The cool granny probably has been selling Jeotgal for like more than 20 years, maybe more than that. It’s almost someone’s life time so She can’t get rid of 젓갈 smell from her body. Shower, bath won’t work, fabric softener, perfume for only short time but she could not able to disguise her smell. What about her kids? I assume all her kids are now grown adult, even older than me, though, they perhaps complained, complained about their mum’s body odour. That reminds me when I was in junior high, once I did something wrong and my parents were called by teacher, I told my mum to come real late when no-one is at school, or don’t say hi to me even though she sees me. Bitches were back biting me so bad because my parents got divorced, I was afraid that when they sees my mum, they will start make story about my mum like, my mum tried to flirt our teacher etc.. :/

What if my mum smells so bad, which one would make me bitch-er? smelly mom? or flirty mom?

I loved 젓갈 since I was born but never thought about the person who sells, or makes 젓갈. It smells just.. so bad. but the cool 젓갈 granny would have made money from it, sent her kids to school with that money, even could help their marriage with it. Every moms are great, and they are also strong. It made me sad, I recited tranquilly, didn’t expect answer for it.

“Why she had to do it? She could sell other things like veggies fruits…”

My mum’s bf then, answered it. He said

“Because someone has to do it”

irrelevant, but that's right
irrelevant, but that’s right


Many people(include me), they like 명란 or any other Jeotgal. They can finish a bowl of rice but no one of them want to make it or sell it. then… what’s gonna happen to our Jeotgal market? People easily say

“All occupations are equally honorable.”

But really?

Then my mum and dad would not be upset or angry if I say, I am working at brothel? I’m making better money than most of people in my age. Isn’t it enough excuse? Someone has to do promote new girls and attract customers who are horny, someone has to answer the phone call and let the caller know that specific girl’s boobs size. Why people don’t respect this job, or this industry? even though they all pay for fuck? All the people I’ve met, they said they don’t think it’s long term job or it’s good job for me. I totally agree. However,

Not because I’m dishonour about my current occupation, because I’m sick and tired of the people who I have been dealing with. I mean it’s not good for my mental health. I even work with people who think it’s not a decent career. They have no passion about their position. How tired? I mean.. imagine in your team you’re the only one who thinks it’s your fate, others all think that it’s temporary and make money asap wanna leave, wtf, right?

I’d prefer, the time when I was whore. I fucked, sucked, giggled and got paid. Got paid a LOT, a lot more than I actually deserve. Of course still most of population look down prostitutes, I still don’t know why… but because they do, sex workers are neglected class of people. I’ve been working as admin staff for 2 years now, staffs are treated as same by most of population again. They are neglected class, because they are anyway in this industry. However, they get paid less than actual sex workers. So.. why not be a whore if anyway people look down people who works in this industry? but firstly, Why the fuck people look down people because its occupation?(or the industry they belongs to) 

You don’t fuck? (I’m not angry but curious) 

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      1. You are ugly but i think Jeremy is cute. But if i have to fuck, i’d choose Edison chen

  1. So, Chacoal, what is your eventual career plan? You are getting experence in people management, administration and public interaction presently. What could you segue into from here?

    1. HR-failedAdmin-failedSocial interaction-it’s fun but what’s gonna do with it
      It definitely made me sad 😭 i will find a job like something i can do with myself, alone

      1. have a wherthwile idea and fight for it .where there is will …..there is a way……

  2. My theory only but maybe people look down on others in brothel industry because they themselves feel ashamed for visiting a brothel.By the way, I think there is good opportunity here in Australia for someone with good people’s skills who can read & write Korean. How big is the Korean population in Australia? Do you know? I feel too old and lazy to start learning Korean language now but for someone Korean I think there is big opportunity.

    1. yeah I also believe "because they themselves feel ashamed for visiting a brothel" theory. therefore, people who look down this industry must been very ashamed.
      anyway there are too many Korean who speak English and Korean both very fluently in Australia so I have not many options than you thought… I assume 😀

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