I’m getting cheaper one, I wrote something but silly me I didn’t save it so it’s gone perhaps ㅜㅜ

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  1. I could buid you a better battery for it if you are able to sit on my face???
    Got any nude pics????

    1. i really respect you (i know it’s sandra sully) but anyway because i never understood people who try to save the world but you nailed it. Not all the hero has super natural but some have money instead. I am wondering if.. I was rich like you… right, would i do same thing or wouldnt, ㅜㅜ

      1. Elon Musk (real one not Sandra Sully) is the man. Real life Tony Stark.
        You would do the same. He tries to save the world and hopes he makes a shit tonne of money while doing it.
        He only invented Paypal so ge coukd make a bit of extra cash for diamond service because he was bored of standard.

          1. oh fuck yeah it’s claiming that he is the man. sorry Sandra I’m bit tired and misread it

    1. Lol juno hair does really exist in Korea, although i’ve never been there hahahaha

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