Month: December 2017

Xmas review

Have you heard about… some people, who were about to die, say that you see many life events go through your mind like a flash just before you die. Like a short film right, you see your first love, that doki-doki moment, the moment you get paid for the first time, your wedding day, your […]

Akira (1988)

Hi guys, last night I had to get stoned and watched Akira. I didn’t understand at all since I was too high but it seems legit anime so I’ll review roughly then you guys can watch it later if you think it’s interesting anime. Full anime youtube links are down below. The real reason why I […]


I try my best to give girls a unique name.. you could guess from my name Xmas. I hate these names, like repeat one syllable x2.Β such as, Nana, Bibi, Bobo, Coco, Mimi, Cici, Didi, Gigi, Lala, Yoyo … etc It’s not creative,Β insincere, and not fun. I don’t like old fashioned name either, it sounds too […]


I know many guys are more interested in brothel back story than my personal issues and Once my boss told me “Please, don’t shit on public (forum). Please use your own platform, please?” I’ll bark if they want me to bark. wwoofffooofff woooffofooffww Mel started she’s pussy seller career in Sydney on 7th, December 2017. […]

survival notification

san que people, many people worried about me if I kill myself after midlife crisis but I won’t, forever. and I’ll update more stories by tonight. PMS stroke me hard and I am about to kill someone instead kill myself. I have treated customers badly, not because they are ugly or they are poor but […]