midlife crisis

The things that make me devastated, such as, craving, conflict, tension, agony, weariness and inertia. The only way to cease to exist those things is death. The enticement of death is as intense as the fear of death. The tranquility after burn everything to nothing!!

I’m speechless last few weeks, the more I think, the more I’m quiet. If mathematics explains a physical phenomenon, shouldn’t language be able to explain the nature? the universe? the cosmos? and my mind? 2 languages are definitely not enough to make someone sympathise with me or depict what’s on in my mind. or I do not have to. or maybe that’s why people dance, sing, and paint.

I bought a charger from apple store, couldn’t buy cheap shit from internet because someone used my paypal account so I’m broke, and am not willing to put any more money in my bank account. There are many people who has million and billion dollars in their account, why hack mine? I’m poor, bitch



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  1. There is another way Chelski.
    Bring your stone dildo along and join me in Limbo.

  2. If “2 languages is not enough” or you are constantly frustrated that no one understands you or listens to you then you probably suck at those two languages or are not communicating effectively. It’s easy to expect mind readers or assume anyone knows your intentions or thoughts.

    1. It’s not only for somebody, but me. I am not complaining no one understands me. I am saying it’s hard to express what i’m thinking. Get it better? 🙂

      1. Yes you communicated that more effectively now…..hurrr……Hard to express what you’re thinking – as in can’t find the right words or your thoughts are too conflicted or foggy to nail down? If it’s finding the right words – that’s ‘effective communication’, everyone has that problem and it’s a working progress.
        If it’s too conflicted then I dunno…probably meditate or go for a run, write it out, draw diagrams/flow charts or some shit or talk it through with someone. Or just take up modern interpretative dance.

  3. Fuck x’mas and fuck you, in this case, you’re fucking a same person. Lol
    Death sometimes don’t solve problems, it creates more.
    What else? The reason why many people turn into religions, has been described above.

    1. I thought they are afraid of after death or have no relief of themselves (no offence) still don’t get why so many people go church :> church on xmas is fun because freefood 💖

      1. Cos some people believe in a higher power or that there is a greater purpose in life.

        1. religion is for people who need to be led.religion is for people who don’t have the balls to own their mistakes in life.

          1. Not necessarily. It could be part of a culture, a way of life or thinking, or something to rely on. “There are no atheists in foxholes.”
            And there are many other people who don’t have the balls to own their mistakes in life. Not just religious people.

              1. Uh….no? You said you don’t get why people follow a religion/go to church. And just providing some other perspective to Figtree’s sweeping generalisations.

                1. Yeah? sounds good. I am antagonistic to people who try to convince me to believe something, by instinct … you know

            1. but isn’t it really crazy way of life or thinking …that ‘someone’ created everything in 7 days?? with common sense, .. right, what I did so wrong and god gave me a pair of small tits?

              1. I see where you are coming from because my Son, Jesus, asked the same thing when he was being nailed to the cross.
                You did nothing wrong. I just woke up one day and decided I didn’t like you as much and made you the way you are.
                And that 7 days thing – yeah that was pretty cool wasn’t it? It was a bit of a rush job and so not everything is perfect and there are some problems/issues, but I literally moved heaven and earth to get things done in a short amount of time.

                1. nice god, do you procrastinate too? finally i found something common between us. what about prostitution? what do think about it?

                  1. Yeah I procrastinate – i’m supposed to be working right now.
                    Re: prostitution – look up Mary Magdalene. But why do you care what I think?

                    1. I do not care but was curious your opinion. you are like yoga to me. many people believe in you and yoga they seem like found real meaning of life but i don’t see how. I was trying hard at yoga and failed it eventually, it’s boring. I don’t like, or dislike you, maybe blamed you sometimes but wasn’t serious, just saying .. you know. However, some nosy people made me sick of it, and the way they see the world is quite… distorted. you know what I mean?

                    2. “Distorted” might be too strong of a word. “Different” would be better – more neutral and less likely to cause misunderstanding or offence. But I get what you mean (I think).
                      The “nosy people” are just excited over how awesome I am and want to tell everyone about it and share it. Like Kiss Burn or watermelon cake for example – you didn’t know about it until someone who loves them so much told you about it. Yeah they can over do it and go too far, but that’s normal. You’re not being forced to like it though.

                    3. do you think watermelon cake is good? it’s ok, tasty but overpriced, i feel. kissburn is more likely forbidden fruit, you know it’s junk but you can’t stop eating it. and i’ve never seen someone who likes kissburn, although i recommend people to try it whenever i have it. your examples are very wrong. if very wrong is too strong word, i’d say your examples are not very reason-able. you know that right? i actually expected better conversation with you but you disappointed me.. lame

                    4. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
                      Maybe poor and over simplistic examples, but my point remains that Christians, Buddhists etc believe and view things in a certain way. They want to share it with others like with all good things (in their own opinion/beliefs), but sometimes they go too far. Other people may believe it and others may not. It isn’t wrong to believe in something such as a higher power and it isn’t wrong to believe or think otherwise.

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