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san que people, many people worried about me if I kill myself after midlife crisis but I won’t, forever. and I’ll update more stories by tonight. PMS stroke me hard and I am about to kill someone instead kill myself.

I have treated customers badly, not because they are ugly or they are poor but my moods swings. I was so mean although it was very rare. You know sometimes, you just get annoyed by everything around you. bitch times.. After bitch session, about 5 mins later I felt very ashamed, sorry, guilty, like.. I shouldn’t have been that bitch, i should’ve been nicer 🙁 this kind of feeling

but this feeling is very very very dangerous. I realised recently.

I treated most of my customers very nicely not because I was born as a nice person, because deep inside my unconsciousness(?) I felt compassion, I felt pity for them. I thought they have problems so they are not able to fuck for free, so chose to pay. so I treated them nicely, because I thought they are like… socially neglected (in someway) those people deserve better!!!! so I served them with my best.

In consequence, many people think I’m friendly, bubbly, naughty and cheeky, and most likely nice attitude but I was the one who look down others. Remember? last time I asked here. Why some people look down others? Because you feel like you are superior by doing it. Guess it’s from inferiority complex, I was never admired until someone wrote review about our sex, yes, same shit again, aren’t you guys get bored reading my blog? ㅋ

it’s scary, isn’t it? I hate people who judge others or look down others so they can feel they are better person but It was me. I’m judgemental as fuck but why I’m not rational yet?

My weekend plan

I’m going to make a manual sheets for the time I’m not here, Australia. Last will and testament.

How to use SS, imgur, giphy, google sheets and something like that,, you know I like making prezi/keynotes/canva sort of things. it’s relaxing…

I’ve been spending weekend with nobody for more than a month now. These days my secret hobby is watching scary movie trailer/spoiler like this.

The actual movie should be played in the smallest size so I don’t get heart attack. and of course, no sounds. Also I have to read comment about this movie while video is being played so I don’t feel I’m alone. I recommend “get out” and “the purge”. (I didn’t watched whole movies but I know the stories)

Can't believe Xmas is just next week :l
Can’t believe Xmas is just next week :l
I knew this Telopea agency uses fake pictures all~ the~ time (from Instagram etc) but they are using Romi's picture this time and says 100% real pic. pathetic
I knew this Telopea agency uses fake pictures all~ the~ time (from Instagram etc) but they are using Romi’s picture this time and says 100% real pic. pathetic

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      1. 6/10 because you’ve seen her all natural with no makeup?A 6-7/10 with no makeup is pretty good. All girls look better with makeup but the big test is how they look at night just after a shower or when they wake up in the morning.

  1. No never ever bored, I enjoy reading it all. Thanks for feeding the chooks.

  2. I dunno 10/10 friendliness seems a bit generous given what you just said and what some other have experienced…

    1. hi hi generous God, you’re the one who said coco’s pretty LOL, these things are all biased opinion based on personal experience. didn’tyou know??
      ~ We are not talking about 42’s Coco, the Korean Coco @5stars, wooloomooloo(former Cherry @485 Rockdale) ~

      1. Yes that was what I was implying/saying. You admitted that you treated customers poorly. Lenka and those customers probably wouldn’t say you’re 10/10 “friendly”.
        And yeah, Coco was pretty……in a dim lit room. Lol. My opinion has changed.

          1. Who’s “we”? I wasn’t really planning to write one. Maybe later.
            Heard you say “Lina” while pointing at me – were you telling Eric (?) that I was a Lina fanboi? 😏

  3. You need to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the big problems in life. Like why the fuck you have to pay extra for sauce when you buy a meat pie – who the fuck doesnt want sauce?

    1. I think it’s big enough problem, at least in my life. this gonna be foundation for the decision that I’ll make soon later. I didn’t like being working girl because

      People who i meet is just bad
      I want love
      Its bad reputation

      Then i realised1. I am just as bad as they are2. Love is no where (at least im not ready)3. Mamasan’s reputation is worse lol
      ThusIt might betterBack to suck, fuck and get paidbefore i get too old and market value is like underaverage
      It could be seem small thing for you

      1. You can’t fix a long term problem with a short term solution. Most people overestimate how much they can achieve in 3-4 years and they also underestimate how much can be achieved in 15-20 years.
        Other than your online persona I hardly know you, so I could be completely off the mark, but your mind works in a very creative way and your level of honesty is quite uncommon. I’m sure there is more to you than just that, but I think those qualities are wasted in your previous work. Ok, so maybe those qualities can’t generate an income you are happy with right now, but things don’t stay the same forever.
        I do have to agree with you though, love is no where. Well it is there, but love is transitory and love fades, so I don’t think its smart to base any decisions on love.
        Anyway, I will stop. I hate it when people are giving advice so I will not do it myself.

        1. Yeah it’s pretty common for people in their late-20s/early-30s to completely change careers or reset their lives (in western culture at least, maybe not Korean/Asian cultures). I went through something similar, and rode out the tough few years of minimal income and second-guessing myself until I finally achieved it.
          And that’s a pretty jaded view about love. It sounds like it’s coming from some horrible experiences which is unfortunate because there are many other instances of its longevity. Or it could be from unresolved self-love/self-worth/self-esteem issues which everyone struggles with at different levels. Some more than others.

          1. No offence but don’t try to profile me when you don’t know shit. I tune out when I hear a man talking about love like it’s the holy grail in life. I think it’s just bullshit talk and they say the things they think women want to hear.In the real word women want consistency, dependency, support, honesty, and of course $$$. Love is just for the movies.

            1. None taken, just talking shit. I agree it isn’t the be all and end all, and women want security etc. but they also want the emotional stuff. Otherwise why bother getting into a relationship in the first place.Might as well save all the money and live like a baller bachelor for the rest of your life. Which doesn’t sound too bad.

              1. Well if i was rich i’d love to live alone forever. And so far 3 of my friend agreed with this. We are not that desperate to find l.o.v.e, the time has changed.

              2. Or find someone who’s has their life shit together and $$, don’t have kids (saves you ~$500,000 per kid) and live the baller life together.
                Yeah it’s pretty jaded to think that love and soppy shit is ‘no where’ (and I pity those who think that too), but I also if you’re desperate to find love then you’re definitely not going to find it.Just live your life "without giving a fuck" for yourself:-

  4. As a general rule I think punters are not really the nicest people in society so in a way it’s not surprising that most WL look down on them. 99% of punters are addicted to either/all sex, gambling, alcohol, drugs. They are probably a little bit/very socially awkward and they have to pay for sex because they either can’t get ANY for free, or the free sex they are getting is just not enough. What’s there to like about a punter? lolRegardless of what we think of WL for their choice of work, they are doing it JUST for the money. Pure and Simple. At least with a WL, there is no hidden motives. They do what they do for the the money but not only do they have to put up with punters they also have to deal with the shop owners who are probably as bad or worse human beings than the punters.Shop owners will try to screw punters and the WL in order to make a few extra dollars. Most shop owners will sell their own mother if they get offered enough money.I think everyone involved is fucked up but if you’re a punter or WL, hey it’s not as bad as being a shop owner.

      1. Sorry if I hit a sore spot dill.
        I admitted it to myself long time ago.
        100% of punters are losers to varying degrees, but they just find stupid ways to rationalise it to themselves and continue to live in denial.You sound like one of those punters that is 100% loser. Don’t worry its quiet common and you’re in good company at syd99.

  5. "I have treated customers badly, not because they are ugly or they are poor but my moods swings."
    Chelsea, I agree with what you did and probably would’ve done the same if I was in your situation. But at the same time, I kind of feel bad for Lenka. You psychologically castrated him and he probably feels less of a man. In the end, I think you did him a favour by saying the things you said to him. He will learn from the experience the same way I did in the past when I used to be a dickhead. Sometimes the things a girl says has such a big impact on a man’s life.

  6. Wow I didn’t know anyone used pages!But I do know that no man likes to be pitied.

  7. Hi Chelsea, I just wanted to ask if you have any advise on how to overcome my sexual frustration. I don’t want to go to the brothel or masterbate because I feel they are short term solutions to a long term problem. I’ve never had sex with anyone before besides at a brothel but like most people, I would like to share the experience who someone and share genuine emotional connection. I know this sounds a bit pathetic but I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong as I’m really struggling with relationships. I’ve only had one girlfriend before and she wouldn’t have sex with me because we’re both very shy and come from super conservative families that never talk about sex.

      1. I’m not sure to be honest. I just feel a bit hopeless and lost. And I’ve been like this for some time. I probably need to try something different. I’m also at the age where my friends are getting married or close to getting married (mid-late 20s) so don’t get to talk to them much these days because they’re all busy. So that’s just making it worst… I feel like if I continue like this, my life is going to get increasingly miserable.

        1. In case this is genuine – give yourself an uppercut. Then after that, go out and organise/instigate outings etc with your existing friends. If they’re too busy, then fuck them, make new friends or go do something else. Take up new hobbies like photography or music, listen to some podcasts, go to the gym, read more (Mark Manson stuff may be helpful to you), learn a new language, a new skill. And learn to be alone and be okay with it. The sooner you accept the fact that nobody gives a fuck about you (like you saw from the two earlier replies) except you, the better.

            1. Errr….wtf Chelsea? What is it to you?
              The guy asked a question trolling or not, and nobody answered.

              1. Chelskis and Targa – you guys used to be tight back in the Syd99 era. Is there some kind of backstory on how it turned to shit?

    1. Fuck you all. Seriously. That includes Chelskis (you need a better email), Targayayuka (even though you tried to help) and especially you Trolldector (not because of your name but because you sound like a loser yourself). Syd99 is full of losers with no balls who try to start psuedo-intelligent thread topics to cover up the fact that they have nothing else going for them besides paid sex. That last sentence describes me 100%. But not anymore fuckers! My new year’s resolution is to grow some balls. And that starts with changing my investment portfolio. 1/3 on red. 1/3 on the most obscure ICO with the most ridiculous use-cases. 1/3 on the nastiest penny stocks. And anything remaining goes to Powerball. To the moon fuckers! Feels good to finally be able to add "Investor" to my Twitter bio.

      1. lol lol that’s better comment. although I don’t understand ICO, use-cases, etcInternational Cunt OperationImmigration Cool Orange
        hey but what about girl friend moneyyou need to buy this and that if you have a girl friendimagine you have such a high maintenance girlfriendso better not have itfuck girlfriend@ fuck you!

        1. ICO is Initial Coin Offering and is how a new cryptocurrency gets funded for the first time. Chelsea and all you losers out there – I’m about to drop some insider information for your personal arousal. TITCoin is currently trading at $0.015 with a total circulating supply of 50M TITs. This is the most undervalued coin out there at the moment. Everyone is talking Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin but the real winner is right under their nose. TITCoin combines two things that are growing at exponential rates, the digital economy and the adult entertainment industry. In late January, TITCoin is partnering with PornHub (insider information) and the price is going to skyrocket. Thank me later when we see each other at No5 Marrickville in our Lambos.

  8. gggrrr yet again someone giving AYU 10/10 for friendliness ….. when I visited her a Ginza I must of caught her on her bad day or I’m just the most unluckiest punter on earth coz she really was rude bitch to me … probably the 2nd worst punt for me. service was so so but man, not even 100mg of viagra could save anyone from the undercover KPS I got from ayu/mina

    1. Sorry to hear that but yeah let’s blame someone fuck her before you. That probably rude rough cunt so it ruined her day so did yours. :(The original problem is ginza though ㅋㅋㅋ

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