I know many guys are more interested in brothel back story than my personal issues and Once my boss told me

“Please, don’t shit on public (forum). Please use your own platform, please?”

I’ll bark if they want me to bark. wwoofffooofff woooffofooffww

Mel started she’s pussy seller career in Sydney on 7th, December 2017. and Yesterday was her last day for me and my 2 shops. She worked total 5 days, 3 days N5M 2 days 42G and The outline of the case is as follows.

We started chat 31/10/17

I should’ve realised earlier when she asked me some weird questions such as

1. Is there a kangaroo in shop or any near by (if so, she wants to come)

2. Is there a Crocodile in shop or any near by (at this point I suspected that this is new type of troll so I never thought that she’s really coming.)

Anyway she came, got a room @straty, opened account, buying sim card etc etc.. I don’t dislike doing this things anyway it’s much better than stay in office.

I’d give her 9-9.5/10 by looks, Generally speaking… she’s pretty. not like Romi or Ayu I mentioned before, they are more likely cute but Mel was pretty. Those drop shape bazookas…

She done like right side and this was the first time I seriously thought that big boobs look ok. I’d do if I have same result as she got. I showed mind to her and asked, “yah…. were yours bigger or smaller than mine? tell me@!!” and She was like.. “mine was about to same size.” oops! tempting.

Problem was occurred the very first day she worked, Money wasn’t problem She was fully booked every day, Oh speaking of money, is there anyone wondered where has (K) Yuna gone? Yuna wasn’t happy about Money so she left. Not to worry she didn’t go to Ginza. She wants to make 1,500,000KRW a day but her capacity was 1~1.3K a day, which is 800,000-1.100,000KRW. She didn’t like Sydney brothel scene, like 2 shots in an hour etc so She left and I’m not upset. She didn’t go to Ginza but Korea.. so..

Anyway, Mel asked off for pussy rest so we let her rest. I brought her water whenever she she’s thirsty brought food whenever she’s hungry. I did exactly same shit(being butler) for Yuna/Vic/etc so employee welfare wasn’t problem either. Weirdly, problem was the other girls. Only according to Mel, though.

Hmm.. where do I start, I found many things from my observation but I save my words because She might be taken advantage from others(yes, you readers) if someone approaches her.. on purpose, I mean, you could destroy her if you want to, She’s that weak.

Somehow, She gets… very paranoid about what other people say. She hears something, and scarily enough, it never was spoken by anyone. She said no girls in shop likes her without any reason and I guessed, maybe you’re too pretty? so they maybe jelly?

It really happens though, I remember first time when I came to N5M to work, 2015? I guess.. All Korean girls (If you remember Love, Honey, Nana, Belica, Sarah etc lol) hated me so bad not because I’m outrageously pretty but I brought new type of service, which is BBBJ. of course customers were crazy about it, wasn’t common in n5m that young k girl doing gummy job(blue ocean) The former k girls thought that I took their customers because of this no-condom-blowjob. They didn’t use same table when they were having something(food) because I am like the STI itself who sucks customer’s dick without Doms. (they told me straight to my face! bitches ㅋ) They didn’t even want to seat where I seat. But I was like

I cared, like Mel cares when I was bitched by high School kids. So I thought maybe She has bad memory about bitches and it developed oppositely, I became super bitch so no bitch can bitch me, but some people can be turn to be very passive, like Mel. You know the people who care too much what other people think and I totally understand that, this world is full of bitches and she could think like that way. Although it’s not in this case.

Every time, like whenever she finishes her job and went to girl’s room to fix her makeup or something, a minute later she runs to office and says

“hey the Chinese girl copied my moan and made fun of me”

or “hey the Korean girls laugh at me because I speak no English”

“you think Romi speaks English?


“hey Everyone in the room glanced sideways at me when I’m there”

or “hey The Chinese girl called me 씨발년(very strong curse in KR)”…. and I was like “do they speak Korean?” and She said “no but it sounded exactly like 씨발년”

Firstly, I tried to help her. I thought it should be stopped if it’s true. Although it never happened in past 2 years while I’ve been working as management. Tried to find out who is acting queen bee and we couldn’t, because there’s no one actually interested in what Mel is doing other than make their own money.

I asked her who did the things, please point it out so I can help her, or prevent any bad case in future. All she saying was

I don’t remember but someone next to me,

I don’t know the name but a Korean(Chinese) girl,

I don’t know how she looks like but I felt She stares at me long time

etc etc etc etc etc

Something, somewhat ruined her mind(or brain) so bad, She gets too paranoid by every things and when she said someone stole her pen, (on purpose because they don’t like her) which, I, found, out, on her table in a minute….. my brain was about to exploded…. but I didn’t say anything because I don’t want to discourage her snowflake heart.

She also said customers called her psycho, 미친년 (another Korean curse word) etc few times. I asked her “WHO DID THAT/WHEN WAS IT” and she never been able to answer. But again, She’s in her Zolpidem world, I didn’t want to break it down.

and She gave me a notice on Friday, that she’s not coming back n5m to 42g because girls hate her so much, oh yeah? thanks god!!!!!! now I feel much better but the fuck! She was too good quality! service-wise, bazooka-wise, was really good product to just miss out so I asked help Eric/Tony and even boss, but yeah She’s hopeless and this is end of the story.

Mel won the 2017 psycho WL trophy,. unfortunately The one who was on diet so only eat mangoes nothing else, she was nothing. All the best her sugar overdose diet, now I am guessing she was having bulimia/anorexia at the same time …

11 thoughts on “Mel”

  1. Luck is on your side, You lucky she us gone, those type of people will look for more small trouble and will make a bug deal out of small things. These type will tell you that the shop is doing this and that wrong, if she doesnt like something

  2. "Teardrop" ….funbags/salt shakers/milkshakes/lady lumps/chest-ticles. "Bolt-ons" are the one on the left.

  3. There was someone that I had close contact with quite a few years ago who was also quite paranoi. When you talked about the Mel’s "missing pen" it made me recall (amongst many other things) his "missing table tennis bat" that I was supposed to have taken and hidden. Dealing with him was really exhausting, it was like an adult trying to reason in an adult way but with a child. Waht was most exhausting was dealing with someone that thinks that others could be so trivial and juvenile in an attempt to get him. I don’t think he was quite as bad as Mel sounds though.
    On the other hand Chacoal face, the whole world loves a pretty girl as you know. So she has a lot of credit to use before she turns into debit. Her prettiness means people are going to make an effort with her. You do that anyway with your girls, but generally speaking as a first instinct people are going to indulge Mel.
    btw, on your prettiness / friendliness chart where you gave yourself 10 / 10 for friendliness (I couldn’t quite work out where you placed yourself on the prettiness factor) I don’t think the critic of this reaiised yu were being ironic in giving yourself 10 / 10. If he’d read elsewhere he’d see where you describe yourself as being a 미친년 sometimes!

    1. I saw Mel based off that chart,Was fairly accurate as she was super friendly but she didn’t stop talking the whole time.Maybe it was for the best that I didn’t understand a word she said.

  4. eg. It was cute and appealing in her naivete that she was asking if there were any kangaroos that she could see in Gladesville…
    Never mind paranoid. She’s 9.5 / 10 looks !! And all the gents here reading this want to take her to the zoo! Ha ha ha!

  5. Oh~ inside info is always fascinating to read.I met her, yes, pretty, yes, boob job and kinda acceptable, and yes, she did her job pretty well. At the beginning I thought she just loves to talk to herself, I didn’t know that she has some serious ‘illusional’ issues. Anyway, I’m not the one to judge. She only left me good impression, broken English though. Good luck Mel. And you have some sort of relief now. Congrats! Lol

  6. So where is she now? Any idea? I’m assuming she was doing a similar job back in Korea? By the way, what would you say is the average yearly income in Korea? In Oz I think it’s like 70K before tax.

    1. I think average freshman wage is like less than 30K. I remember my dad was making about 60K ish when I just got into school. Mel did same thing in Korea but in private apartment. I don’t know where she gone. She can’t make any money with that attitude even thought she’s damn pretty

  7. Mel went from M5 to 5 Star where she was Irene to Crystal at Ginza. She’s quite unique as she talks continuously in Korean although that has moderated somewhat now as she has picked up some English. The girl is gorgeous.

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