I try my best to give girls a unique name.. you could guess from my name Xmas.

I hate these names, like repeat one syllable x2. such as,

Nana, Bibi, Bobo, Coco, Mimi, Cici, Didi, Gigi, Lala, Yoyo … etc

It’s not creative, insincere, and not fun.

I don’t like old fashioned name either, it sounds too granny, doesn’t sound sexy to me. such as,

Anna, Nancy, Helen, Diana, Jane, Penny… etc

And those kinda names, say straight to your face “yeah It’s working name, mother fucker”

Chanel, Barbie, Sugar, Honey, Cherry, Alice

Like, too many

Bella, Ella, Gina, Hana, Mina, Sakura, Yuki

“Let it go” name

Elsa… seriously, can you not

I think girls’ name should be 1. Easy to remember, 2. Easy to remember, 3. Easy to remember

Romi, Deer, Mori x Nori, Mel, Nova, Pawpaw, Dewy, Fairy (no one wanted to use it so I’m using it as my website name lol)

I prefer unisex names too, such as

Jerry, Robin, Alex, Andy, Charlie… what else

16 thoughts on “Dewy”

    1. Get out of my brain. I asked the same thing yesterday on the forum and had the DuckTales theme stuck in my head since.
      Daisy, Minnie, Mickey, Ariel, Lilo, Moana, Dori?

  1. How about some coffee names: Piccolo, Macchiato, Affogato, Frappe, Espresso, Latte.
    Or tech names: Tinder, Apple, Amazon, Google, Siri, Alexa, Uber, Shazam, Twitter
    Or how about some real Korean names: Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin
    I feel sick when I read the names like Bibi, Nana, Bobo etc on a roster. But I think what is more stupid is punters who actually think they are the real names of WL. I wonder what the WL think when they get asked " Oh is that your real name"

    1. So many working girls name are apple actually, and i always thought shazam sounds so exotic. Shaaaa zaaaaammm

      1. Fuck lololol there really is a black working girl who names herself mochachino looool @silicon valley

        1. Random question:- with all the random names, can you still tell who’s who from looking up and matching the IP addresses like on wordpress?

          1. Nope but only few people comment on my blog and i know who they.AreSo not to worry you sandra sullh mother fucker

              1. I don’t know I just guess what people use when they write, so like :- this small things and guess, but why so care anyway

            1. I hope you didnt confuse me with Erlich / Caffrey.
              And Sandra Sullivan – lol motherfucker

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