Xmas review

Have you heard about… some people, who were about to die, say that you see many life events go through your mind like a flash just before you die. Like a short film right, you see your first love, that doki-doki moment, the moment you get paid for the first time, your wedding day, your big birthday party, etc

I had a big day yesterday 24/12/17 and I think I’ll see last night while I’m dying. We 3 girls went to Port Stephen / New castle, then smoked and stoned as fuck. I’m having the best moment in my life these days. I thought Xmas could be nothing fun without boyfriend, though, girls’ xmas was alright. Being single isn’t so bad.

Woman’s age 29, met hundred, thousand of people and don’t get along with most of them because the most of people I met were boring fuck to me. I’m not saying they are bad but boring fuck is boring fuck. Being boring person is not too bad, for me it’s just too easy to read some people’s mind. I mean… sometimes it’s too obvious. It rarely happens to find someone really interesting (guessing someone really difficult to guess what’s going on in his/her head) I also met so many psychos while I was working, psycho people and intriguing people is like paper thin different, you know.. they both makes me curious at first, like “what kind of human is this?” but yeah.. what makes difference? intention… bad intention vs no intention

Let’s have some balls people, like you need to be little bit special if you want to get close to someone who’s little bit special than others. If only it makes sense. ..

I cover Monday’s receptionist these days, many people still think I’m a receptionist Monday to Friday but I’m not. (but I’m here Mon-Fri) Anyway sometimes, customers ask me if I could suck their dick then I try to read their mind. It’s fun thing. 1. maybe they’re just saying to avoid situation that I’m such pushy mamasan so make them decide quick or F.O 😀 2. maybe they really have a little hope that I could suck their balls …. in either way It is tempting. I mean… I could fuck them for free if we meet other way around, but since they ask me first in wrong place and there’s a condition : they pay double or triple and I oblige to do what they want to do. It somehow makes me very… impish. I always answer “I used to, like until last week” so make them desperate and say “I was very popular.. you know, I suck well.. maybe the best 3 in Sydney” then It’s way easier to read their face. Sadly most of them are very persistent to fuck me because of fucking expectation. Some people write heroic exploits on the internet, says “I fucked mamasan” and it makes people expect to same shit happens to them. Wake up people! no mamasan would fuck you at the shop. If that cheap shit mama really exist, let me know i’ll bash her. ㅋㅋㅋ

I remember when I was in M8, some senior bitches did back biting receptionist, said “that bitch flirt again? why then receptionist? why not actual ML?” ㅋㅋㅋ yeah.. why management? if you see your time-limited possibility from customers. I think my face and body are still ok to sell. What you can’t do 5 years later but can right now? : pussy selling

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  1. Glad you have fun in Port Stephens. Was it sandboarding or 4wd’ing? I forget.
    Haven’t back there for like….over 10 years. Damn.

  2. Glad you had a good time at Port Stephens, Chelskis. Went dune buggy riding and fruit picking with my ex-girlfriend there a long time ago lol.
    Spent my Christmas gardening, which goes against my goal of growing some balls. But the grass was long and the plants were dying so fuck it haha. My blog is also up:

  3. Have you seen American Beauty? That’s what happens at the end……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pOOEFd22i4
    From what you have said about Mel and the "senior bitches" at M8, it really sounds like some of the WL/ML out there have serious mental issues. I visited M8 on/off for probably close to 10 years and I don’t remember ever a time when the 2 receptionists were hot looking. There was only the one receptionist at Romeo’s who was absolutely gorgeous and spoke perfect English. Given the chance I would have married her the very next week, put a lock on my cock and given her the only key, but of course I never tried and never had a chance. The chance of a customer fucking the receptionist at a Korean shop is less than zero.
    Of course the heroic exploits are bullshit and pure fantasy. The " I fucked the mamasan for free" threads were good for a laugh or for those that love to read that shit and stroke themselves. It’s totally reasonable to think that a receptionist/mamasan will fuck a customer in the shop and jeopardize her job/business because she was overcome with lust for a customer who probably is ugly enough or socially awkward enough that can’t get sex for free and has to pay for it. Yeah man, I buy that story every time!

    1. American beauty clip – correctand I imagined this when I wrote minehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjdevFd2xEs

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