Month: January 2018

Second last ex

I thought i fully got over him finally, i met dozens of guys to forget him (or was it maybe just for fun) I at last, could write/talk about him without make myself upset. I could block him from everywhere since I didn’t want to hear anything from him but well he’s been trying hard […]

dear my friend

“How do you date guys so well? so often?” One of my friend asked me with sarcastic vibe. Yes! I’d say I’ve dated more guys than normal girls in my age whereas my friend barely even count proper relationship she had. Too many sexy, nice guys are around world, how can I resist it? Do […]

don’t let them fret

  There are some people who couldn’t get enough affection and compliment in their childhood, they didn’t even have someone who they could be dependent on. They tend to spend whole their lifetime to find “something“. Failure of relationship, failure of marriage, failure of being employed, failure of life… are too much for this maybe, Although they certainly […]

pelvic bone issue

  My last sex was 7th November 2017, so it’s 2 month no sex. I am horny, I’d love to fuck someone but I want a good sex. like real good sex. You know when you fuck someone who you don’t like much and then you feel something is missing after all… even though you […]