bye 2017

People call me easy going, friendly, open minded person who has lots of positive energy emission. Maybe it’s because I’m far beyond the pessimism. is pessimism opposite to optimism? I’m not an optimist either, I just try not to give a fuck about anything because

It’s about tendency right, like If you tend to see world as beautiful place which has a lots of opportunities =optimistic but if not, =pessimistic.

When people have such things like hope, expectation, desire.. these things make people get upset, mad, pissed, disappointed easily. Imagine when your view exactly corresponds(coincides) with world’s.

Whereas, you seem always in peace if you realised, so you already know that there’s nothing inspires you other than yourself, so you give up on everything whether it’s human-being or just a thing. Like.. give-up.

People call me bold as well even though I’m just rude. People worship my honsty, is this because I wrote “I’m a whore and I’ve got daddy issue” or because of my dildo review? I even haven’t used it after I opened it. Human flesh dick is wayyyyy better than stone dildo, I must say. Most of the time my honesty emerges on the horizon when I want to veil my bigger lies, you know like

Happy new year

2017’s lessons

1. Dick is dick (그놈이 그놈)

2. Money come and go

Maybe this is why old farts seems alright. I am able to learn more things easier and quicker, guess I’m using my life-experience these days. Ageing and Adulting is not too bad.. to be honest

my mum sent me 5 towels, she said it's limited edition wtf

my mum sent me 5 towels, she said it’s limited edition wtf

65 thoughts on “bye 2017”

  1. Is a positive energy emission like another term for a fart that does not smell?

  2. "person who has lots of positive energy emission"
    We need a more environmentally-friendly Chelski. There’s a reason those icecaps on the iceburg are melting. Global warming is not a joke. Please reduce the emission levels, the world is counting on you.

  3. if you are a positive energy emimiter you must be on a lower orbital level. negative energy. is not only not practical but theoretical for the most part and are called antiparticles. so everyone is a positive energy emimiter.

        1. yeah i can tell kwang-su is common name but who is mo-kwangsoo? are you Mr. mo?

  4. I am generally good at reading people but you can never fully know someone because people never fully know themselves. There are some people who I thought I knew and could trust. People who did and said things to show that they are committed and loyal to you. You a wary of those people because some of them have left scars on you. But you let them in eventually, then you believe that it’s the start of something and you think they’re happy where they are. Then something beyond your control comes up which brings out a side you never thought they had in them or changes them completely. They start acting withdrawn and eventually turn on you with hate for no rational reasoning. “Hate” is a strong word, but…..I HATE Barcelona and for what they did to Philippe Coutinho. Coutinho – this hurts, more than when Suarez left for Barca. Someone hold me. Please.
    January football transfer window drama….Happy freakin’ New Year. 😄🔫

      1. Tldr version:- Barcelona are cunts who pronounce “c” and “s” with a lisp (“thh”) like camp homosexuals.

        1. ? my blog isn’t about Barcelona either’s about sex and selling/buying sexual service.

          1. Nevermind. It was a joke about feels and the sale/poaching of players for their services by a Spanish team in Barcelona. They’re predatory pricks.

    1. Fuck me Caffrey write a fucking novel about something interesting ie not the above.
      Although it does all make sense how you are now after seeing you are a Liverpool supporter. Eternal hope with no chance of success – i feel for you.

      1. Thanks BurgerKing Snowball “37”. I’m just….in so much pain right now….⊂(・﹏・⊂) But I’m comforted by the fact you read that drivel to the end – my work here is done. And the £135m+ for Coutinho.
        Seriously though, yeah you’d have to be a real masochist to be a Liverpool supporter and not follow say like Man U or City. It’s definitely more fun than being an Arsenal fan though.

    2. Fuck Barca and Fuck Chelsea
      I’m over how much VVD cost and Coutinho, blind faith in Klopp

    1. So was a South Australian pedophile – were you touched by him?
      Let me know – if so I’ll shave before we make love.

  5. The OP of this forum has emotional instability, aggression and tendency towards everydaysadism . And Machiavellianism being so focused on individual interests that they willmanipulate deceive and exploit others to achieve their goals !!

    1. Machiavellianism LololI couldn’t understand after ~ that they will manipulate ….. goals !!Fyi i am M not S you small dick

  6. Read something awesomePeople don’t fully understand themselves.
    Halpy new year and wish we all can just hide the things we are not happy to share. Lol

    1. I got portable karaoke and sang whole day today. It’s exhausting but at the same time it’s great feeling

      1. I had sex with a chubby lady. Not the best but the food she made afterwards was worth it. Very good cook

          1. Yeah she is. But as i wrote your mums is better.
            Sorry i didnt mean too insult her i should of called her big boned.
            Will you call me Dad now MB? I hope so son xoxo

        1. I don’t like moobslike I hate it when a guy is chubby and has bigger boobs than mine

    2. I watched the footage of Saddam Hussein being executed and it made me really think. It made me think is there nothing on the internet that I won’t masturbate to?
      Too much?

      1. oops Saddam hussein was exxcuted? didn’t know about itlet me know if you need some karaoke snaps for your jolly fapfap I’ll send you some

        1. I’ve heard you sing before. It was bad enough that it might just work……your call.

  7. " Life’s but a walking shadow , a poor player.That struts and fret his hour upon the stage.And then is heard no more.Its a tale told by a idiot full of sound and fury. "Macbeth.OP did you know Bubbles is still alive ?Bubbles according to his zoo keepers is now huge and uglybut has a sweet character. Bubbles now spends most of time ,sitting quietly in trees with Sam a 40 year old chimp.Bring back Harvey Weinstein.OP i will school you everytime.

  8. Sandra Sully i prefer PJ Madam from Channel 7.But i will still read you journalist articles.

  9. what is Gnome is a gnome?why not dog is a dog.cunt is a cunt.rude prick is a rude prick.and bigger lies are just bigger lies.

  10. Christmas i always to post on your blog but i never wanted anything to happento you. Your safety is more important than anything.I would never compromise that.You know what i mean . I assume its safe for you now.That’s why i asked Dokes blog to be closed down.I missed your wit , humour and satirical posts.Hence the change in name to Bubbles.

  11. One last AR by Dokes on Sifu ( The rest of the Blog on Hooker Looker )Sifu is now divorced . And the ex karate student continues . I arranged aCracker Adult experience for Sifu. Sifu is hopeless at modern technologyand still uses a abacus. Sifu selected a 25 Eurasian lady from ad.Sifu continues the story.I arrived early and its a modern unit block , neat , tidy and a McDonald’snearby if you are hungry. I knock on the door and pay $ 200 cash for 1 hr.I ask to use the toilet. I am warned its not flushing . I open the lid there areturds and tampoons floating . Nice. I go to shower and there is bloodstained underwear hanging up. Its dried so i guess she is not having herperiod today . As i guess the blood is a few days old. ( I watch CSI ).I decide shower not good idea so i go to wash my face at thesink basin. However i look at the basin and there is some genital wartcream. I recognise the brand and the label from ad i saw at the STD clinic.I leave the bathroom and look around the room and there are 3 catsroaming around and the room is filthy and stinks of semen and body odor.We get down to business. OMG . Her nipples are huge !!! 2 cm long and 1.5cm wide. If she had babies the poor devil’s would starve but i can get mymouth to suck them. Does it get better ?Well i look at her appearance and she is closer to 50 and she has a nastyrash over her legs and pot belly and scabs over her tits. She said she wasbitten by a dog. Anyway i go down on her and what’s that foul smell.Yep her pussy smells like prawn heads left out in the summer sun and thereis fluid oozing. Disgusting as i know she offered bareback and it looks likeshe had indeed being involved in the act with last customer but shehadn’t cleaned up.I decide its time to finish up but by now she is appealing as fresh road killand i close my eyes and think of my fav pornstar.After i complain about her services she rolls her eyes and offers my $ 15refund. Enough for a McDonald’s Big Mac meal.However strangely for one reason i have lost my appetite.

  12. Don’t be so dogamatic . There are no icons . Not being serious,I didn’t realize it was suppose to be inches.Christmas i want to ask you something but no i will leave itfor now. Maybe next time.

    1. You can request song I’ll sing for you and my nipples are not only huge but also black although I am asian

  13. One for Bong . I have been talking to Tall Focker on parlourpages andhe said " Bongkong last seen fucking Tall Fockers mother ( ass only heclaims as we can’t risk reproducing with the women based on what cameout last time. ) Caffrey has offered to dress in finest and BJJ Tall Fockerand write a lengthy AR if we can ever prove that he does actually havea cock hehe.

  14. I know I told you I’ll stop commenting in your blog but FMD!
    What is happening to your blog? Are the comments all from one fuckstick or are there more than one? Your blog is becoming an orphanage for the syd99 losers. First it was your forum but that got way too much with the bullshit talk and outright incoherent crap and people stopped reading that so now the losers have moved here looking for an audience. You are like the nice old lady taking them all in. The bullshit talkers, the creeps, the lame, the fucksticks. All welcome. Even Caffrey is here? The Shillgor wannabe? The short chubby guy in a suit who thinks he is good looking?
    Who seriously writes this shit? Are they drug fucked? Are they trying to impress you? There is even a lame loser commenting as MB with a mum joke. Seriously loser, mum jokes were mildly funny about 15 years ago.
    You obviously put some thought into what you write and spend time putting it together, then it just gets drowned in all the bullshit comments. A shame.I apologise if the ones commenting are your real life friends (I highly doubt it) but I stand by what I write.

    1. Yeah i agree with youI once told themNo mama jokesThey never listenNo more blogging you mother fuckersI don’t want to be baby fucking boring cat

    2. i agree with you. but you like me have been foced to comment. sorry for bad spelling.

    3. But think about itMaybe they all need to gushing their bullshit sorta out through somewhat and my blog is great intermediary shit hole since it’s anonymous, the writer(which is me) seem care about everything etc but seriously who the fucj care about barcelona and chimpanzees? to be honest i googled ‘bubbles’ once and im gonna using this name for next new girl but i have an ape phobia since when i was little. I didn’t like it when chimpanzee picture came up when i google ‘bubbles’
      But anyway, people could think i talk shit so they can talk shit i understand itAnd imagine they don’t comment those, my blog looks deadNo engagement
      But all goodIm leaving soon ㅋㅋㅋshit here when you can

  15. maybe all the trolls, haters and war makers should take it all to the forum. just my 2 bob.

    1. Yeah true but admin will ban them so quick because that’s their job, nothing else.The world is fucked include syd99, cutebutpsycho, Lenka, etc etc
      Contact me if you guys want 2mins length Lenka video

      1. As long as they don’t question shillgor and maintain the status quo, they can shit at syd99 until their asshole hurts and admin won’t care.

      2. There is nothing I want more than a 2min Lenka video. Please give it to me. How should we do this?

  16. Being serious .Christmas i will not harm your blog anymore.I would like to leave your blog quietly and amicable.I never used you Christmas.I never asked for selfies.I never asked for cybersex.Even though i have always thought you were quite cute.It was fun knowing you and i would never say anything negative onother forums about your blog.Dokes loves to troll and i think my next challenge is to troll the dark web !!Anyway please do Dokes one last personal favour and close down DokesBlog permanently.

    1. Don’t leave mebut don’t mention me other forum as wellmany people ask me what’s going oni have nothing going onbut yeahall the best if you want to leavepregnant womanbloodserial killersfond memories@ forever :>

  17. The song didn’t come through. I will write the chorus and it sums upour friendship and i know you won’t admit it its the truth.” I’m all mixed up insideI want to run but i can’t hideAnd however much we tryWe can’t escape the truth and the fact isDon’t matter what i doI don’t matter what i doDon’t matter what i doDon’t matter what i doDon’t matter what i doCause i end up hurting you.

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