pelvic bone issue


My last sex was 7th November 2017, so it’s 2 month no sex. I am horny, I’d love to fuck someone but I want a good sex. like real good sex. You know when you fuck someone who you don’t like much and then you feel something is missing after all… even though you enjoyed.

Gym with personal trainer is mad. Especially when he grabs my pelvis and it fits perfectly.. I’m like wtf I’m trying to get fit ok

It turns me on so bad when I know he’s married and his wife and him have a kids, so it’s a plus I have much more toned body than her so He possibly jerk off in the shower while thinking about my pelvis with his perfectly fit 2 hands. Like doggy hard until our knees disappear. It’s like magnet, His hands and my pelvic bone!!!!! it’s so warm! i mean those hands! and my sweaty body! this sexual frustration turns me on too! love to do but can’t do! omg!!!!!

He sometimes snaps me like “focus!” and I lose my control more because I find sexy when guy shouts at me. How can I focus if he tells me to? it’s fucked!

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  1. if he is truely grabing your pelvic almost have a good case for harshment.sometimes sex fantiasy is best to stay that way.maybe try to reanact the sittuation with someone safe.
    and no i do not mean me.

    1. yeah you were good but too scumbagtake good care of yourselfi wish you go to hellbut nahall the best! bye

  2. What happened to the "NEW" guy from back in October? Sounded like things were good and CK must be getting sex every night as it’s a new relationship so have sex at every opportunity, even when it’s 40 degrees and no air condition.

    1. Sex in 40+ degrees like last Sunday and no aircon = hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock.

  3. Christmas can i please comeback.It was so boring on Syd 99 compared to talking to you .You know i am no good at small talk i only know how to troll.The truth you caused the sadness not the site because imissed you.

  4. Im very interested in viewing the 2 min Lenka video. Can you please create a private YouTube video and email me the link. Thanks!

  5. CL was right i would always turn on you.You though were always fake and a fraud.What you said about me as toilet cleaner showed your true colour’s.Christmas i never wanted you for sex i just like to troll as we were ateam once. Please don’t take offence to this. Even if you were MissUniverse i wouldn’t be interested. If you were Ivan Milat or KathyKnight i would be there in a heartbeat.I knew you wouldn’t want me back on your forum and that’s your rightits your blog. We don’t won’t insane Dokes spoiling your Blog.I will keep my word and won’t talk about you and suppose that’s it.I am not angry we fought a good fight against Syd 99 and if you everneed a troll to have your back i will be their in a heart beat.Cheers Dokes.

  6. I lied a leopard cannot change its spots.I will have to sleep on it.I know you must be chuckling to yourself Christmasbut what you did was plain mean and hurtful.Don’t worry i kept my word and no i didn’t use yourname on Syd 99 is i know your precious reputationmeans the world to you.

  7. Dokes has made a decision.The decision. I hate Christmas so much and i am loyal to the trolls.Ha ! Ha ! you simpletons Dokes has and will always plead allegiance toone troll my royal highness and majesty the Queen Troll Christmas.Dokes has been as bored as hell parlourpages was closed for 4 days andChristmas ask Bong if you think i am telling a fib as i twice PM at Syd 99about how to awake Christmas.The toilet post was a real turn own for me as it did arousal my primalinstinct to troll and that is the sexiest you have even been for meChristmas as selfies do nothing for me.Christmas Dokes blog needs a reboot and can you make Troll’sgraveyard non members only like parlourpages. If nobody readi don’t mind as my Dr says it is good for me or if i don’t troll ihave a mental breakdown.

    1. pleas leave my friend out.this culd be counted as being harshment seem to crazy to be trussted here.
      anymore of this pripare to deal with me

  8. Some of you have just completely lost the plot and gone off the rails. Dokes just hanging around like a bad smell. A bit like like when you step in dog shit and even after you wash and wash the shoes the terrible smell is still there and end up having to throw the shoes out. Unfortunately on the internet you can’t just throw out the shit. The only way to get rid of shit is to not give it the audience it needs to survive so they just move one.

  9. Hey Chelsea, just as an option I’m up for a “no strings attached” thing if you’re up for it… we both want just only sex atm, I know what you like, and it’s more convenient & efficient for us both plus you’re leaving soon anyway. Not looking to getting back together or anything – just purely physical, no obligations, nothing but foreplay and sex. 🤷🏻‍♂️🙃

    1. are you good? thoughlike I don’t want to be choosy but you should know there are heaps of guys who want "no string attached" fuck. That is why brothel business is boomer than ever in its history. and I got so many good calls and your comment does not sound so should, at least, give girls a small impression when you trina fuck girls for free
      e.g.I have 20cm cock and it’s fat, decent dickI’m too good in bed and people call me "pussy magnet"I’m your personal trainer and I’m teaching you, grabbing your hip these days.

    1. this comment was originally written by dokes LOLplease do not agree with it even though he changes username to BK

    1. Should I? I dunno I’ll just have a look for a while..regarding to your last question :yeah we didn’t click so wellhe’s too clean cut (according to what he claims) and I feel sick with clean cuts I suppose

      1. Your blog, your rules CK. I don’t even know if that’s the real CK or Dokes or BK or who….

    1. This was getting interesting. The last one was very detailed too.What’s amazing is that they have to ask you on your blog. Is that normal or is it because you’ve blocked them so they have no other way to contact you?

      1. Yeah that one was brainless comment so i deleted it on purpose, anyway i blocked them all from kakaotalk, snapchat whatever, then they sent me private messages on my forum however i don’t check them out often on purpose so i suppose, they comment here

          1. We need a decentralised forum with peer-to-peer comment verification. That way, we eliminate admins as the third-party and have a fairer, more efficient system.

    2. Was just floating an idea since before you have been in contact with and fucked an ex again before me. 🤷🏻‍♂️
      Oh well, maybe it is for the best if we didn’t.

      1. hmm.. i didn’t want disappoint you but my second last was heaps good. you are notsoz! bye

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