don’t let them fret


There are some people who couldn’t get enough affection and compliment in their childhood, they didn’t even have someone who they could be dependent on. They tend to spend whole their lifetime to find “something“. Failure of relationship, failure of marriage, failure of being employed, failure of life… are too much for this maybe, Although they certainly spend decent energy and time on doubting, obsessed in, double checking…. stuffs. So tiring! so tiring.

They can’t maintain psychological stability, or confidence in their mind so it’s hard to concentrate on anything, like people probably have at least one thing they are passionated about but they don’t probably have it. Their mind is restlessly wandering, looking for something because that’s how it is. You never get satisfied but complain

How can i say the parents’ money isn’t important, however it’s it as crucial as their money. Money is important most of the time but there are more important things that you learn from your parents, childhood teacher, through your lifetime such as, self esteem, confidence, keeping composure, tranquility, stickability, concentration… etc, these could be foundation of your life, it’s your stepping stone for your entire life. But those people right, don’t know about this stuff, not even interested what’s going on their life. They’re always wondering why everything fucks them over, though.

LIFE STRUGGLE!!! to study, to work, to get paid, it’s almost double labour I have to do. People just do their work and done wham bam shang but i need to work first, and then I have to encourage myself like, “hey you doing good!” or console myself like “hey you look good today” I constantly need to talk to myself to calm down uneasy, easeless mind. I always have to calm my nerves, i need to cheer me up… can you imagine???? I need to hold me tight, nonetheless, people see me as patholesia. I don’t even know where should I begin. ㅋㅋㅋ

it consumes energy, time and soul to find someone who you can rely on, get into relationship etc and it’s constant as fuck. you never stop to find someone who you rely on during your entire life. and then,

I am one step behind again.

A person with confidence in his/her unchanging affection and confidence in him/herself can concentrate on the tasks that he or she is confronted with in a stable state, and it’s easy to tell from the difference between concentration and speed of performance. do you follow me? Let me know my English is hard to understand most of the time.e, It’s normal if you don’t understand.

In the end anyway, the voidness, lethargy, apprehension.. those things fret your life and soul. and Every living creature on Earth dies alone. so My New Years resolution is to be the same cool person I’ve been all my beautiful life.

7 thoughts on “don’t let them fret”

  1. as long as you love yourself, don’t compare yourself with others and enjoy simple things in life, life will be awesome.

  2. …."it consumes energy, time and soul to find someone who you can rely on, get into relationship etc and it’s constant as fuck. you never stop to find someone who you rely on during your entire life. and then,"…..
    stop looking the universe will give.

  3. I don’t think people know. They are either afraid to change or are stricken by fear and just continue on doing what they have always done.

    My thoughts regarding your comments about yourself:
    – Stability in self all comes down to self-love. That is:

    When you love yourself enough, you stop being the saviour for others.
    When you love yourself enough you stop seeking external validation.

    – Self-love starts by asking yourself this simple question: What can I do to make myself happy everyday? And then to do it.

      1. I mean like saviour in that you try and save other people. Not in sense of god, but in that you save them from their own insecurities, in the hope that they save you from yours.

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