dear my friend

“How do you date guys so well? so often?”

One of my friend asked me with sarcastic vibe. Yes! I’d say I’ve dated more guys than normal girls in my age whereas my friend barely even count proper relationship she had.

Too many sexy, nice guys are around world, how can I resist it?

Do not start relationship because you think this relationship will change your life. I mean.. Don’t expect much, into relationship is the new way of seeing another individual quickly and conversantly. nothing more or less..  better not expect some kind of fairy tale through seeing someone else. Romantic attachment is not a consequence but is such a processing(?) of your life. The process, is everything about “relationship” maybe plus sex..

You don’t expect Invariable to your partner, I more focus on this because this is what I was always struggle when I was in relationship.

Nothing Lasts Forever.jpg

Are you invariable? People are being changed all the time, their look, their mind so is everything. nothing is forever. I’d concentrate on those ‘changes’ like how I changed because of this relationship.. etc but not other’s changes.. I wish I could explain better but anyway

I don’t look for the ‘perfect match’ but I try my best to find

a variation

a enlightening

a pleasure

through the relationship. … that’s it.

We woman, often look for our boyfriend by way of elimination. Our unnecessarily sensitive ears and eyes quickly catch guys’ insufficiencies, faults, and demerits.

= weak point


  1. nice personality but shit sex
  2. shit personality but awesome sex
  3. rich but none of those
  4. everything seems perfect but poor as fuck so I need to pay his bills

Relatively experienced – kinda woman tend to be more choosy, picky (it’s not scientifically proved) They want to find someone in their same or similar level, thus it becomes harder and harder to find right one. What happens when they find a ‘right one’? the ‘right one’ could mean everything to them, so it becomes too serious. Guys are allergic to serious shit. They born to be simple! this kind of relationship can’t last any longer!!!! how do I  know this well?! From my experiences!!!!

Open your mind, look around world, the important thing is that you don’t look for someone to fulfil your flaws, your incompetence. It’s heaps easier to think that ‘relationship’ or ‘date’ is one of surprise event in your life. ENJOY!

People often assume me as ‘easy’ because I may seem date/fuck easy and always talk about pussy, dick, and sex. On the contrary, the woman who dated a lot, the woman who has more guy-experiences knows better what exactly they want. so they are skilled, or they knows well how to reject, or.. . say NOPE. I think I had mild version of arrhenophobia(?) before my working lady times. I maybe met guys to overcome this, I was so comfy when I was dating with someone or got involved some kind of relationship (썸). I felt like I’m safe!!! I’m in a conservation area!!!!

Other dicks are often easily forgotten or ignored when I was with a guy who at least I chose. The problem is, when I realise my be loved ‘chosen one’ is not much different from other dicks. In this way, relationship was the progress for better understanding about ‘male’ to accept (or comprehend) my ‘chosen one’.  ??????????????? ????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? (someone please help to make this sentence to better shape)

Not so easy at first, It got better after I met few more guys. By repeating this I understand better about guys and it gives me such life confidence. ego stroke@ such ecstasy.

Humanbeing is the creature which desires admiration all the time. it’s such an addiction, like hi-high but dangerous at the same time. To be object of marble…. I am learning through many gashes. wanna be worshipped but all of sudden you can be a sacrifice but well, it’s too late when you realise it. You could get all the blames and complains that ask your responsibility of consquence. Because you are the one who encouraged them to admire you. how slutty? Look, easy and charming is paper thin, different.

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  1. That was well written and I enjoyed it a lot. I agree with your statement that men are simple and I laughed when you said guys are allergic to serious shit. Lol, that’s so true.

    1. me feel happi for people like Figgy that we live in a country like Oz.

      if Figgu were born and raised in India we would refer to him as a Dalit. he would be an untouchable, a person excluded from the upper tiers of society.

      it is good 2 see however that even the lowest of the low like Figgy have room to express an opinion here.

  2. Love that old fashioned MGM movie title! That is a funny grab from the arhcives for your article, it’s out of the blue and novel. I like it.

    Also enjoy reading the angst and concerns of someone whose life experience is so different to mine (mainly because of our opposite sexes.).

    btw your instagram food shots are a mixture of good, tasty healthy asian food and lots of utter rubbish. Lots of confectionary rubbish – too much of it. Though It isn’t what you eat that matters, it is what you eat EVERY DAY that matters. And your instagram “feed” has heaps of crap “food”.

    1. I thought you were doing Keto? but after seeing all the sugar and carbs on your insta there is obviously no chance lol

  3. Most of the main meals you are eating look great – healthy, nutricious and tasty. (btw, when are we going to get part II of “Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen.” :- )

    I used to be in your boat.. I eventually realised that you are never satisfied eating processed crap like biscuits, cake, icecream and chocolate, you have to keep repeating it, there is never a point where you are satisified. There is a point where you are sickened maybe, but that wears off the next day so you can begin it all again. There is no end point.

    Don’t have them in the house. I can easily walk past that shit in the supermarket, but at home you would have to walk past them 24 / 7. You might resist a dozen times, but not the 13th time, so it’s like the first twelve times of resisitance don’t count! You resisited for nothing!

    Instead I have rockmelon, peaches and pears, maybe some plums tto in the house instead I’m a fan of some breakfast cereals though, like special K, and I put the fruit on that. All that is sweet enough, and you lose your taste for the manufactured stuff.

    But you main meals look great, you make good choices there.

    1. are you happy with your life? I also eat rockmelon, peaches and pears. yesterday I had the sweetest rockmelon in my life maybe I was just too high I don’t know.

      I’m like 167cm/53kg
      assumed muscle 25 kg
      fat 18%
      Exercise regularly
      Smoke regularly
      I’m happy with my life, couldn’t be better than that
      but yeah if I stop/quit sugar
      i’d have six packs, at least 11 packs
      but I’d rather have a bit of belly and having sweets intermittently, ice creams are not evil’s food
      come on, you don’t crave black rice gelato? RIGHT NOW?

      1. I may have got the wrong impression from the photos on your instagram “feed.” As I said above it isn’t what you eat that matters, it is what you eat every day that matters. So, intermittently is OK.. But what I said about losing the taste for processed sweets is still true. I truly don’t crave them now. Unless they are in the house. Ha ha!

        I don’t want to be a grump though, I’m just describing my own experience. Black rice gelato? I’ll look that up!.

        1. I think smoking slowly fucked my tastebuds as well, feel like my tougne is veiled by somewhat from ciggy. so I keep looking for strong sweets or spicy food and yes, it’s bad! but yes, #yolo

  4. That is actually good advice BC – true and once you wean yourself off the sugar high it gets easier.

    When you arent asking people to stick wooden dolls in their orifices you do have some words of wisdom.


  5. Didn’t know you had a Instagram too. Your friend harinyang is so pretty and looks like nice person too. I don’t want to be disrespectful but does she still work?

      1. I’m guessing she’s some kind of chef? Happy for her and wish her all the best. I don’t know why but she inspires me to pursue my dreams and try to live a happy life.

          1. You’re not wrong, this is extremely creepy I know. But I would happily drink her bath water. She’s so damn adorable.

  6. ‘Do not start relationship because you think this relationship will change your life.‘
    Very well said

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