14 thoughts on “Today”

  1. Chelsea have you met harinyang’s boyfriend? How would you rate his looks, personality, wealth, dick size and sexual performance, each out of 10?

    1. His look 1/10 no offence just not my type, (too short to me)
      Personality 1/10 he got caught he went brothel wtf
      Wealth ??/10 i dunno..
      Dick size/sexual performance not so good according to her
      Sorry i was in a full rage last night. >_<
      I'll be very happy if someone rescues her from her boyfriend and I spoke to her this since like 4 years ago and she never listened to me.
      send me a CV

      1. I did a bit of online stalking. Her boyfriend is a stud who owns a multinational company. Looks and wealth is easy 10/10. Would someone of this calibre get caught at a brothel? I doubt it. She seems happy with her relationship. Stop giving me hope. The guys a winner. You’d probably want to fuck him too if he wasn’t taken…

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