Second last ex

I thought i fully got over him finally, i met dozens of guys to forget him (or was it maybe just for fun) I at last, could write/talk about him without make myself upset. I could block him from everywhere since I didn’t want to hear anything from him but well he’s been trying hard so I am concurred.

No point to ask him if he did everything because he wanted to shag me because i have realised that guys never ever mind to fuck me if it’s on the table, i hate play victim i’m the one who said i’m so horny please help me, it’s still fun to hang with him or fuck him since he’s still so sexy and so good so the best sex by far

We both have grown up, 2 years! 2 years period we’ve changed a lot. He graduated, got a proper job, he is composed, like total peace of mind. I’m here still, but I’m leaving soon. I write regularly, I am not on edgy or push him to the edgy saying that i love you this much but why you don’t!!!!!!!! I barely train bjj (kinda lost interest) and he is enjoying too much recently, it’d be fun we both train at the same time but that’s ok, We both calm and relaxed like we are old friend. We are only our 20’s and it feels like we’re too old to fall in love to each others.

He could’ve let me just leave but he didn’t, i thought it’d be ok to see him before I leave but it reminds me my sad days eventually, but not too bad you know, the moment of fun right now beats my old sad days. All my friends will call me dumb fuck too if i say i saw this guy twice again. But fuck it lol i’m leaving anyway and I have nothing to lose from seeing him but will regret if i don’t. so yeah, sick.

My body fat percentage drop down to 12% and i am fittest ever in my life. Maybe not i don’t know

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  1. What is this talk of leaving? Well, if you do – I think you mean going back to Korea – will you keep your blog going for your loyal audience? I mean, we appreciate your efforts. There is no money in it for you, but you still take the time and effort to entertain us with your world.

      1. To get the accurate measure you need to do the body scan, similar to a MRI. It costs $80-$90 but I don’t think it’s worth it. Better off spending the money on ice-cream

          1. Let’s open ice cream shop. What a great way to make money and make people happy.
            I reckon Messina makes more money than Ginza and it doesn’t even need slaves.

  2. Christmas we might not be on amicable terms anymore but it would be
    nice before you go away that the animosity between us is cleared up.

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      1. I hate you so much Christmas you tattooed bitch !!
        You are impossible to troll you are just so fuckin likeable !!

          1. A tattoo with a phrase that has a meaningful meaning can be quite
            beautiful , sexy and inspirational all at once.

        1. dokes dokes let me feed you my yogurt brother. taste me tell me im delicious. we will be friends now we are warMING up together

          1. There are secrets that you hide from the world but also
            yourself.If we don’t face the reality of who and what we
            are and keep lying to it self then what does life mean ?
            We are born alone we die alone.

  3. Back on track .
    Reply to Second to last ex.
    Life is always so complicated.
    I remember when i told somebody i was
    going to wait on them . As long as it took.
    But then i met someone and fell thinking
    that is it only to find out i should have been
    waiting for that somebody as i found out
    someone was not who i thought they were.
    Why didn’t i wait ? I cause i knew all i ever
    wanted to be with was somebody.Somebody
    i could have been committed to you never to
    someone. Confused ? So am i.

  4. There is a point in life where you can’t go beyond.
    You can try but your psyche will breakdown.
    Then you can’t touch or even breathe on me.

  5. These things are great in life. Lychees, taro and red bean,
    swimming with bull sharks , hearing cockatoo’s squawk,
    rain on my tongue and the sun shining on my face.
    These are a drag dust in my wig , holes in my shoes, panties
    too tight and messy mascara and the sun shining on my

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