Month: February 2018


so… this is funny. They said make my blog get some more interest from customers, write some funny(interesting) posts (like condom reviews in retarded syd99) so it can generate visits from potential customers and now it has become more powerful than any other media and then they are scared hell out of this bull shit […]

Married guy matter

Why married guys are attractive? They are not clingy, don’t make me tired Financially secured, and also in higher social position (relatively) so date is fun and comfy Gives me cool and wise advice, seems like mentor here in front of me Stable, relaxed vibes Relatively, there are less requirements  THEY REQUIRE LESS THINGS. Their […]

January adventures

This is all real bull-shit Like this place is, full of bull’s shit Because my car tyre was fucked for some reasons. Have you been to kiama when it’s dark night? Wow scary and seagulls are everywhere People catch squid here, so so so dark and I pee middle of the car park. It was […]