January adventures

This is all real bull-shit

Like this place is, full of bull’s shit

Because my car tyre was fucked for some reasons.

Have you been to kiama when it’s dark night? Wow scary and seagulls are everywhere

People catch squid here, so so so dark and I pee middle of the car park. It was super dark, you can hear the wind! I mean it’s so strong wind and you can even hear it. : i forgot this national park’s name (ku ring gai National park)

Some kind of hippie dungeon, it was magnificent, beautiful, and adventurous experience.

It’s the worst, i’d call it mosquito dungeon. I have never seen this much mosquitoes ever in my life. Like too many… way too many. But drive to here or from here to central coast was just amazingly nice.

So weird

I nailed it and i even wore a pair of thongs that day. Different zones are here for instance, chill zone, difficult zone, wet zone, desert zone etc full of adventure. 10/10 liked it!

Went to deewhy made nature toilet.

Went to narrabeen it was cold and i was fucked by strong waves. I thought im good at swim.,.

Bake and wake (or is it wake and bake?) opened my eyes i was at washaway beach!

Super windy place, wind was way too strong and it made me fell over many times wtf

Enjoyed too much

6 thoughts on “January adventures”

  1. You sure aren’t a stay at home girl. You like to get out and about. And I think you like summer – it looks like you don’t like to waste summer, that’s for sure.

    One of your videos is like a little movie. We are given a peaceful pan across a gentle lake and we lulled, soothed and pacified by the gentle scenery. Suddenly we are jolted from our reverie by a screen full of your naked legs. Surprise factor 10! Ha ha. Like it. You are getting quite a few hits on your site according to the stats you have, and I think you know that it is basically all men. And the legs shot was for us.

    There were some good changes of moods in the videos, dark and stormy nights were unexpected. then clouds of mosquitoes, even if we couldn’t see them, wind as expressed by a dogs floppy ears. Panoramic landscapes, a little hit or two of your filtered face thanks for all this chelsea!

    btw at 12% body fat let me apologise again for criticsing your deserts.

    1. I just had lebanese cheesy dessert and full regret about it! That measurement isnt so accurate btw, enjoyed much to read your impression of my snaps =) will keep it up like everymonth or two 😉

  2. Wow, really bad luck with your car tyre. I enjoy following your adventures and food. Keep it up!

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