Married guy matter

Why married guys are attractive?

  1. They are not clingy, don’t make me tired
  2. Financially secured, and also in higher social position (relatively) so date is fun and comfy
  3. Gives me cool and wise advice, seems like mentor here in front of me
  4. Stable, relaxed vibes
  5. Relatively, there are less requirements  THEY REQUIRE LESS THINGS.
  6. Their pathetic marriage stimulates compassion, I feel like I’m the one and only escape from his misfortune marriage
  7. There is no rival other than his wife
  8. Stronger bond If this relationship gets harder to maintain, if there are more secrets between I and him.
  9. It’s sad and I’m desperate but I still meet him, What is this if it’s not my fate??????
  10. The furtive fancy, you can’t have him now but one day, maybe one day

and so on

I met married guy once when it was 2012, it was heaps fun but at the same time it was full fucked. Now it seems all faded, I don’t regret but I question sometimes… feels like better date non-married guys because I think

They seem cool because they all consume their patheticness on their wives. There always is his wife. Like she cooks for him when he is hungry, She listens when he wants to talk, after he spends his all patheticness to his wife he is the coolest, most suave man in the world in front of me. His sophisticated manner, refined life style most likely made by his wife. Most of guys start save properly based on their stable marriages. They can focus on their work, moderate amount of responsibility makes guys could adjust to society. Remember they wanted to waste their money on shit stuffs for instance drugs, girls, whatever and boom get married be better boy.  Women tend to be fascinated by men who’s in their a period of social stability. Focus on result more than process or behind story. Married guys seem like understand better about women because their wives! from all those nitpicking and nagging, almost taught by rote. Maybe he practices their wife’s lesson to you. Furthermore he is older than you and has more life experiences… experience leaves something. Cool and wise advice, seems like mentor? He’s just older than you and has more experiences, maybe this morning she told him that . They learn how to make women happy by their wives. Of course, insightful, sophisticated men are BEA-U-TI-FUL. They are beautiful creatures. Some of my friends only date with older guys and they think guys in their ages are like dumb fuck, childish fuckboys but well, the world is big and so many fishes around. For me one of joy of my life is learning something new, sharing something I learnt. Stop thinking that you obtain something from relationship, or ascent of status from it. If you need someone worship or admiration, go church or read a book. How confusing? worship/love/admire/respect/wtf?

He seems so chilled? his basic-essential-foundation of anxiety has been being solved in his place. Sometimes married guys complain that they don’t talk much with their wives. They say something is missed in their marriage because lack of communication. It’s like… they complain that they don’t talk much to their mum often, Anyway, they seem stable because they have somewhere they can go back. It’s tremendous root of chill vibes. Of course He requires almost nothing to me because most of requirements are fulfilled by his wife.

I was going to write shortly but well it’s way too long already anyway, what I’m saying is don’t waste your emotion, time or whatever on married guy because you deserve heaps better than that. but wait, I have 0 woman readers here on my blog. Who am I talking to now?

5 thoughts on “Married guy matter”

  1. Nothing wrong with married men unless of course you want to marry as when you marry your mistress a position becomes vacant 😉

  2. The thing with experienced men and married guys are they have experience.
    Young people are going along learning in a relationship but experienced men have gone through it before. (They dont know everything coz every woman is different) .

    So if they are a caring, nice type of guy, they know how to treat you right.

    If they are a bad boy (so to speak) they also know how to use their experience to use you

  3. Cool post.

    It is quite simple. You want what you can’t get.

    When you’re in your 20’s, your in your prime and pussy rules. Young guys fling themselves at you so the abundance of them dilutes their relative value – Too many young, dumb, full of cum boys. What you have not experienced is the older, more settled married man. You’re right, the married man has a higher status (i.e. money, security, self-love) than the young 20 year old woman whose only bargaining power is her pussy. The young woman knows that as the years pass by, her value is depreciating: looks fade, skin sags, tits droop.

    Like I said in my first reply, stop being a saviour for others. Stop trying to save people who in your view require saving. “When you love yourself enough you stop being the saviour for others.” You think they need saving from a bad marriage but all relationships have faults. They just highlight theirs to garner sympathy and emotional connection.

    Oh and If you marry a cheater, what is stopping him from cheating on you. It is a bad foundation to start any relationship.

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