February adventures



Cherry brook park @Lansvale night walk, We gave up after hit the spider web with our face ……; but was it full moon? so bright without any light and look at the stars! amazing (wonder if you still can see through picture)

Tried REAL Vietnamese DIY roll for the first time @Cabramatta


compare to Korean-Vietnamese DIY roll?


They use Different meat, Korean usually put sliced beef in there, Viet does very good sugarcane-shrimp-fish cake kinda stuff.  Korean put pineapple a lot and I love pineapple and avocado… Viet’s is more simple but shrimp sugarcane.. that’s so good. Therefore, I love both!



Why Auburn has Japanese garden? aren’t all Japanese live in Neutral bay, crows nest? I have a sexy story about crows nest… So I met real hot guy back then… in 2013? He was Australia born Korean and lived in Crows nest. He was too hot, almost Korean version of George clooney but he tried to sell multi-level marketing stuff to me.., like shit healthy supplements… you know… it’s fucked. he’s too cool to do that…. but yeah couldn’t be helped. Japanese garden entry fee is total free if you are residence auburn council. So I pretended I’m my friend’s wife so we live together. saved few dollars.


You see my grey hair? I tried to pluck it all but it’s too much so I decided change my hair colour again. Remember last time I tried to make my hair to light pink and then orange pink and then Ash

and it’s damaged as fuck, it all snapped itself, I had to cut very short and finally I have some girly hair now and I wanted to dye again lol i know psycho right :/

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I can’t just stay with one colour

Short hair sucks but

I’ll never ever bleach or dye myself again. Short hair sucks! I got hair extension 2 times so far, now I’m old and it’s hard to grow hair up so quick… so I asked mole hair.

this mole

and they made me like

Do you understand? miscommunication or what

It’s not a mole it’s grape


but why does mole mouth look like this? I never knew 🙁 I thought it’d be cuter than this

damn gross

anyway, lucky grape lasts only like 3-4 days and I became blonde again.


I love xia long bao and xiang jien bao, I used to live in Ashfield and it’s only 8.50 during lunch time.

it’s called NEW Shanghai night. Not Shanghai night, either New Shanghai. I know it confuses af

Some of shanghainese friends recommended me to try yang’s in burwood. I forgot the name so I went to different place few times,

and I finally tried Yang’s and it’s good. Try it if you like xiang jien.


This place, but it’s ok but not the best

and I finally tried Yang’s and it’s good. Try it if you like xiang jien.

and people still say xjb in shanghai is heaps better than this. how can it be even possible? it’s already so good. so juice so crispy at the same time wtf

IMG_4390 2.jpg

Went to gap park for the first time at night, it was beautiful.

Once I and my ex talked about “why people should get married?” We thought because guys are naturally born like… don’t want to cook, don’t want to laundry, don’t want to clean the place etc.. so wife can do it for them. Some guys still like to do or don’t mind but majority of guys are like can’t be fucked I feel… so then what about women? It didn’t take long time to realise that I don’t need man in my life I’m not lonely just bored a bit but in this case… like HUGE cockroach comes visits my place and I’m like speechless so I didn’t come back to my place for like more than 24 hours. I didn’t have spray because my room is like insects-free room but I… forgot to close my window when I went out and this fucking huge cockroach fucked me up fuck my life. I don’t need men I’m like independent single strong pussy but rarely I do. like yeah sometimes

Went to Bald hill headland reserve, to celebrate friend’s bday. Drove through Royal national park, the road was curvy as fuck and it never ends! but it was worth it. I don’t know.. was it? but it’s his birthday.. so no complain. We just opened the roof, leaned back, watched stars and talked shit.


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.32.55 pm.png
and on the way back. fuck yeah


Usual bush walking the other day


Do you even ride? download “go reddy” from app store, it’s cool stuff. Once I tried to go visit gladesville from silverwater and the fuck paramatta river was blocked so I took uber from then. shit happens…. but it’s still fun to ride at day and night.

It’s too much,.. @Paramatta road
Chinese new year new me new sunrise new new new @Valcluse
He is the hot trainer FYI
Usual bushwalking
Tried to be healthy once
OP over powered
But reality
@ku-ring-gai beach

you see my hair is like pinkish oranges blonde, sucks!

I’m tired now, too many adventures

So… near manly, there is little beach called collins beach. They restrict people visit between sunset to sunrise because penguins have sex there. We went there early morning like 6am and still could see penguins’ foot prints. It was adorable!! >_<

IMG_5748.jpgat this time I have silver hair, again

IMG_5547 2.JPG
fuck yeah

It’s filtered but ㅋㅋㅋ




I became so moody here while watching waves come and go and it breaks to cliff then I started cry like whale, said I can’t believe that i am leaving Australia and I can’t chill out with you all and they all laughed hard so i laughed too at the end. Lol i was high 😉