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  1. Big country 15/04/2018

    Hey, you are back! Have you had to site offline? I’ve been PM’ing Marrickville 42 to find out how to access your blog again. I’ve become psychologically addicted to reading it and it has been like, at least a month that there was no blog – just being re-directed to a wordpress site. Anyway, thanks for returning and don’t go away again ok?

  2. Big country 16/04/2018

    I got repetitive strain injury last year to my right shoulder’s rotator cuff muscles after years of doing 80 push ups (from the knees) about 5 or six times a week. My right arm was more or less crippled for the next six months, and it is not 100% back yet. Now my upper body muscles have gone as soft as a blancmange. : – ( .You are about 20 years younger than me so your reps probably won’t injure your muscle fibres. I don’t know what upper body work will work for me without risking injuring myself again Any ideas? Yeah, your shoulders are looking good. Also, the photo of your tight butt and taut legs in your February adventures post looks really good!

    • Chelsea 17/04/2018

      Why would you do 80 push ups? And almost everyday wtf! Even if i was like 16 years old i would never do 80 reps ha ha! Thatโ€™s mad. I donโ€™t even do any push ups.. all I do for my upper body esp shoulder is like dumb-bell exercises, eg shoulder press, lateral raise… my tip : donโ€™t over do it when you do weight triaing it will make you either sick of that specific training or get injured. I hate leg press ๐Ÿ˜กitโ€™s fucked ๐Ÿคฌ i even have nightmare sometimes about leg press, i wake up middle of night and iโ€™m soaked in cold sweat. โญ๏ธJokesโญ๏ธ
      But still i donโ€™t like leg press. Itโ€™s the hardest legs work-out. So iโ€™d rather do 2-3 other exercise than 1 leg press. I HATE LEG PRESS! My fav butt work-out is glute bridge!!!! Instant result!
      I do 3 days of weight training, 2-3 days of pilates a week and never skipped glute training esp so many types of dead lifts โญ๏ธI genetically hate exercises thatโ€™s why I tried many alternatives, such as jiu-jitsu, swimming, golf, ballet etc then eventually now iโ€™m paying trainer to make my body better ใ…‹ใ…‹ so my body looks better, and performs better than people who donโ€™t do anything.
      Summary : Pay someone who knows their shit

      • big country 23/04/2018

        Hey chelsea, is your trainer the same married guy that gave you a tingling pain and feeling full and satsified around the quim when he used to grab your hips to demonstrain a move? : – )
        On another topic I see your insatgram is full of a lot of good looking restaurant meals. How often do you eat out per week? We’ve only ever got one cooking demonstration video from you and I’ve requested another on from you a few times, but no luck. Sorry Chelsea but I can’t help finding you desperately entertaining, I just enjoy the contents of your mind – ha ha!

        But you let your site go fallow for a month and neglected your audience, and now I’m worried that you have lost them, becasue they have been awfully quiet, it’s been, like, six weeks at least since any of them have raised a peep. Even the ubiquitous Dokes has been quiet.

        • Skeletor 26/04/2018

          The reality is the visceral nature of the fury. Almost every time i share a perspective or make a statement on this blog its more about who i am than what i said.
          Hmmm . Anyway why would i miss the very bellus Christmas with her idiosyncratic ways ?
          Christmas Alis propriis volatt !!!

  3. big country 27/04/2018

    What do you think Skeletor? Do you think the site being offline for a month has lost Christmas her deserved audience? I mean there is only you and I left now and we mere two scarcely constitute much incentive for her to feed us new material, however hungry we are for it. : – (

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