The reason why I didn’t blog

Firstly 99.9% readers are from syd bloody 99 and I don’t like it. Since I posted January adventure I felt like … I have nothing to write anymore than let you know guys I’m alive. Later again I was like why should I write something no one cares anyway γ…‹ except my EXs creep me out of hell …. …

But then I got new book last week and it’s written by David Foster Wallace, someone in Korea gathered his essays and made it as a book. I really, really liked it and thought maybe someone likes my blog too like I really like to read his book. Even though they are like horny guys who enjoy anal sex!

Let’s stop bullshitting I’m just bored and I liked that book a lot. Inspired me as fuck so please guys(from syd99), get his book and let’s read πŸ˜€

I feel I’m really passive aggressive person when I overtake someone who DID overtake me. I just can’t bear it.

I cut my calorie intake from 2000 to 1400. Trying to be lean. No more ma-la-tang boo hoo.

4 days pilates 3 times gym a week! have been doing this for 2 months by now and my body looks awesome, yet perfect. Instagram women .,., seriously..,, how can you make that body really unless you born that way? They look lean as fuck and I’ve been trying hard for 2 months and can’t get their body even half similar. However congratulation to myself, I’ve been seeking any reason why people crazy about yoga I wrote about it on my blog as well, I think I finally find out why. Getting into body fat 17~ish %, Inbody isn’t accurate anymore. Better do λˆˆλ°”λ”” (which means body check with eye balls through mirror.) and Yoga, makes your body looks better γ…‹ maybe not, maybe it’s placebo but what I’ve seen, heard, felt, is stretching your muscles is as important as gaining mass. It looks really different. Maybe that’s why people do yoga. Your body never lies. An endeavour of lasting consistency never betray you. People chasing achievement. I did this, I’ve done that, I nailed it, Great achievement feels great but you hardly feel it in your life because your goal never stays there. 50k a year was your goal but you want 70k next year. graduation was your goal and you want to be employed next. You certainly achieve something in your life but you don’t feel much or often since we all human and we all greedy animal who never satisfied. Yoga, maybe brings this great feeling more often to us. For me yes. I couldn’t even fold my body half 6 month ago because these fucking hamstring kills every time I tried to touch my toes. 30 years, 30 years!! I never tried to bring my hands to further than my shins and luckily, my trainer forced me to stretch after every single session, and now I can touch my toes, grab my ankles. Down dog pose? no worries γ…‹ I felt great than ever. What I do was only try to touch earth everyday and now I can do something what I couldn’t do. It’s different from learning piano, learning jiu jitsu or any other things. There’s no yoga competition. People don’t judge your pose they could make your pose better but you’re not wrong. You never lose but improve. What could be better? After stretch your quads, hammies, your legs look greater than ever, how about your shoulders? People more tell me I’m pretty, ask me If I do any exercises more guys try to fuck me etc how wonderful life is this?


Don’t get me wrong, I can’t do any advanced pose, such as dancer, crow, wheel etc I just do little bit more of stretch than before and all these things happen to me. Imagine one day I could do king dancer pose calmly,


I don’t know what will happen. Such exciting days everyday ~!~!~@!1`3241432751491

13 thoughts on “The reason why I didn’t blog”

  1. I always get asked why I don’t like chicken off of the bone. Chicken breast and chicken thigh are both nice but drumsticks…..fuck that.

    Some guys try to get flexible as they believe they will be able to suck themselves off. Unfortunately most eventually find out no matter how flexible they become if their equipment is of average size they still will not be able to.

    However it is probably better that most cannot as they would forever be wondering if they were able to suck themselves and eventually came would that make them gay???

    1. I don’t know Steve, seems like you life time goal is suck your own dick am i right? So let me know when you are able to do it, i’m keen watching it πŸ’– I kinda missed your Sandra.

      1. Lololololol

        I’ve been mending my heart since a Chinese man with ice cream broke it.

  2. Great to see you back Chelsea. Your legs are toned AF (source: your Instagram profile pic). Did you get a new job or have you just been on holidays?

  3. I didn’t think you were coming back and I was sad about that. My routine after getting up was check e-mails, check bank acct to see if it has gone up overnight, check cutebutpsycho to see what was going down there, some laughs maybe, check syd99 to see if any laughs were to be had there too. But all was getting instead of Chelsea was that dreaded wordpress “private blog” page. When that page was last up I thought it meant the blog was still up but I was barred from it. People were having fun without me. But now I know that page is just like a test pattern. I’d still check in regularly to see if anything had changed – and suddenly instead of that boring blue page the screen burst into techniclour hues again!

    I haven’t heard of that essayist before – what is the name of his book of collected essays? I’ll give it a look. It might be in my local library.

    Yes your body is looking really toned, your tummy sculpture captures the light nicely. In fact the lighitng in that shot of you is, like, really professional. Well seen Chelsea.

    1400 calories a day? That isn’ tmuch!

  4. Your comments section is missing in your new blog about the yoga mat. Can you get the comments back please. : – )

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